Jennifer Garner Is A Bundled Up Beauty

Expectant actress Jennifer Garner was spotted after a trip to a local Williams Sonoma store in Santa Monica, Calif. on Monday (December 12).

It looks like the weather may be getting a tad crisp in California these days judging by Jennifer’s recent clothing choice. She looked beautiful as always donning a warm Columbia jacket, animal print scarf and a pair of jeans while she toted a bag and beverage across the street. It also looks like the mama-of-two swapped out her black ballet flats today for a pair of comfy running shoes.

The fabulous family-of-four were recently spotted at the Creative Education In The Visual Arts studio in Santa Monica. Papa Ben Affleck turned the tables on the preying paps and brought along his camera for some photo-ops of his own!

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Again?

    Another story about this boring woman? Does this site have some kind of filter I can use so I don’t have to be bombarded with story after story on this beige couch?

    • Anonymous

      Help, someone call the police! I’m worried that this person is being held at gunpoint, being forced to read these posts and comment on them!

      • Anonymous

        shut up. people can post whatever they want.

      • Anonymous

        Since Jennifer Garner is clearly one of the more popular celebs on the site, I’m curious as to who our friend might prefer to see instead. Hmmmm.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it does have a filter. It is calling “reading.” If you see her name or picture, just pass on by. No one is forcing you to read the post, but many of us happen to like reading about her. I am guessing you are the “anonymous” that has made several negative comments about her lately. Maybe your own life is so “beige” you feel the need to make negative comments about people you don’t know.

  • Jen and family!

    So what seeing Jess Alba in the dRk with Haven Boorriinngg! Another car ride
    With a baby to no where! But a dark photo so seeing Jen smiling and it sells
    Not a boring photo..So your sofa is beige?.. Scroll Down and see the rest!

  • Anonymous

    Her ass has EXPLODED. I dont find her attractive anyway but man… her butt and thighs are not looking good.

    • hels

      er, if you haven’t noticed, she’s PREGNANT. don’t be so cruel.

    • Anonymous

      And I’m sure you’re a supermodel.

  • Anonymous

    She is seen EVERY.SINGLE.DAY of the year! It is ridiculous.

    If she didn’t want to be photographed everyday, she wouldn’t be. Other celebs manage to go weeks without pics because they don’t go to every pap filled place in LA. Garner is choosing to go to all the pap hot spots while, pap free places actually exist.

    • Anon.

      We get it, we get it — you made your point on the last Jennifer article, now go away. She’s featured a lot because she’s popular and successful and attractive, plain and simple. Who would you rather look at, Rachel Zoe? ….. I thought so.

  • em714

    she is 1 of the most naturally gorgeous, down to earth ladies on this site- heaven forbid she gain some weight while entering the last weeks of her pregnancy! alert the authorities!

    • Anonymous

      Everyone else gets scrutinized for their weight….she should be no different .

      • Anonymous

        Or, you know, no one should. Just because it happens to “everyone” doesn’t mean it should. Criticizing a person’s weight is unnecessarily cruel, and there are tons of examples of women who’ve developed eating disorders and severely hurt their health because of all the pressure they feel to be thin. Here’s an idea – why don’t you try practicing a little kindness once in a while.

  • Andrea

    Does she call the paps? She’s photographed every day.

  • Anonymous

    She does not call the paps. They wait outside her home until she goes out and then they follow her. Often she is on her way to pick up her kids from school. She can’t avoid the paps.

    • Anonymous

      She calls the paps. If they waited by her house there would be pictures of her by her house. And there NEVER IS.

  • ChiTownEggHead

    I say so what if she gets photographed frequently. Even if she is doing something mundane like crossing the street, I’d rather see her than Kourtney Kardashian or Rachael Zoe.

  • Anonymous

    Her and Jessica Alba seem to keep this site going – I too am sick to death of the sight of them, are there not other pictures out there to fill this space? It seems like both of them are letting the paparazzi know where they are, I refuse to believe they are just *that* good at finding them wherever they are – it’s ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    Get real. She doesn’t call the paparazzi. They make a living off of her. They show up on their own for their daily paycheck. And I’m guessing the reason there are never photos outside of her house is because she leaves in her car. They probably park outside and wait for her to leave and then tail her all day long.

  • Anonymous

    If you’re “sick to death” of the sight of them, then why not go somewhere else for your celebrity news. No one is forcing you to come here.

    To 09:09- The paps know the celebrities’ routines. They wait for them. She is in a gated community so that’s why you don’t see photos of her outside her home. Try using the brain you were given – it does have a purpose.

  • SMH

    Wow why such hate. I like seeing some celebrity who looks like the most down to earth normal pregnant mom out there!! I’d rather see this women then all the other fake people that walk around hollywood. Jen looks great! I hope it’s a boy!

    • mom of 2

      ITA with the sentiment of your comment except for the first sentence. “Hate?” That’s pushing it a bit, isn’t it? I’d chalk it up to ignorance or immaturity, but not hate. When I hear “hate”, I’m thinking racism, homophobia, Hitler, etc. etc.

  • Kellsie

    Superior tnhiinkg demonstrated above. Thanks!

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