Mason Dash Plants A Kiss On Khloé Kardashian


Cutie pie, Mason Dash, puckered up to show his aunt Khloé Kardashian some love as the two spent some quality time shopping together in Calabasas, Calif. on Sunday morning (December 11).

Decked out in his festive toque, and a very cute orange sweater, Mason – who turns two this Wednesday – looked like he was having a great time on their outing.

After their hangout session, the doting auntie hopped on Twitter to gush:

Had such a fun morning with Mason 🙂

Last month, Mason’s mama, Kourtney Kardashian, announced that she and partner Scott Disick are expecting baby no. 2! I bet Mason’s going to be an excellent big brother!

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Photo credit: Fame, Flynet


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  1. SMH

    here we go again. Another celebrity baby looking like a girl! Look how long it is in the back! Cute photos but cut the kids hair!

  2. Anonymous

    OMG, SMH – you took the words right out of the mouth!!! It seems that most boys on this site all have long hair and look like girls and the girls have short hair and look like boys.

  3. Nina D.

    The 1st pic is so cute! <3

  4. Anonymous

    I agree. If people have nothing better than to do than take cheap shots at a little child’s hair, they really need to find something better to do with their time. Mason is such a sweet little boy, so good natured. He is enjoying all the attention he is getting from Aunt Khloe.

  5. SMH

    It has nothing to do with having better things to do with our time. We take the same amount of time to comment on a photo just like you did!! Remember it’s a message board and we’re entitled to our opinions. If they didn’t want us to comment they’d turn that feature off. Sorry but I’m ols school and I like boys with short hair. I don’t dislike long hair on boys when it’s properly cut and maintained like a nice lookin haircut. Zuma, Mason, and a few others all have stringy dull long hair. It would take for one person to think my son is a cute girl for me to have to shave his head! Until he’s old enough to decide what kind of hairstyle he wants he will look like a boy!

    • Anonymous

      “It would take for one person to think my son is a cute girl for me to have to shave his head!”

      How sad for your son that one stranger’s opinion would be more important than his!

      • SMH

        your so right! At 2 children don’t need opinions they need parents to tell them what they can and cannot do. That’s what’s wrong with kids today they turn into brats because parents think at 2 they need to “express” themselves….BULL****!
        It’s 22 degrees outside my kid doesn’t want to wear a coat bc he hates them guess what his opinion on that doesnt’ matter to me he’s wearing a coat!!!

  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous @1:53 – you obviously don’t have kids and if you do, I feel sorry for them.

  7. uoykcillli

    I agree with the first 2 posters. It does seem like every little boy has long hair like a girl. And with Anonymous 1:53 they didn’t say it bothers them, they just made a comment and isn’t that what this board is for? Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Something must have crawled up your stink hole today, huh?

    • Anonymous

      Do you not understand that Freedom of Speech goes both ways? Someone posts something, someone else disagrees. That *IS* Freedom of Speech, on both sides.

      Are you saying that in order for YOU to have freedom of speech, no one is allowed to disagree with you? Hogwash!

  8. P!nk

    Why is everyone pissed at the comments about a long hair boy? Are you people relatives of the KarTRASHians? LOL

  9. Anonymous9

    Even a two year old has figured out that Khloe is the only sane one in the family.

  10. Anonymous

    Why would they care about you not loving boys with long hair? if you want your boy with short hair, go have your own and leave other people’s kids alone. Shallow losers.

  11. VeronicaRamos

    Please, STOP with the stereotypes! Children are FREE when it comes to be whoever they want to be. If Mason wants long hair, he’ll have it anyways and that doesn’t make him a girl, gay, feminine or whatever. I hate when people hate on children because of that. You should all look at yourselves! I don’t have kids but when I have, if my daughter wants to play with cars and have short hair, she’ll have it. If my son wants to play in the kitchen or with dolls and have long hair, he’ll have it.

    It’s better to worry about your parenting skills than for the kids’ appearance. Period.

  12. Sujinah

    Why are people freaking out about boys having long hair? In a way, it is more natural than boys having short hair. Short hair has been a trend for so long. Just like girls have short hair has been a trend since 1960 (around that time). So we don’t know why they leave it like this. Let it be.

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