Nigel Barker & Jack: Scootin’ Around NYC

Nigel Barker and his son 6-year-old son Jack were seen out in New York City on Saturday (December 10). The America’s Next Top Model judge carried a bouquet of flowers while his son rode on his scooter. Barker and his wife Cristen also have a daughter named Jasmine.

Last week, the couple were at the Baby Buggy gala when they recalled a couple of stories regarding their 3-year-old little girl. The first one was when she pointed out her dad’s baldness.

“My daughter’s first sentence was, ‘Dada no hair,’” Nigel said. “And I was, like, ‘No Jasmine, Dada does have hair, Dada just shaves his head.’”

Cristen also talked about the time Jasmine misbehaved at the restaurant Balthazar. 

She explained, “All the tables are really close together in Balthazar, so she was on my lap, and we were all eating, enjoying our lovely eggs. And she reaches over to the table next to us, grabs the person’s poached eggs, and just throws it at her. I was horrified. The lady did not take it well. She didn’t find it cute. So, bringing small children to nice restaurants is not a good idea. Ever.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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