Rachel Zoe & Her Boys: Dressed To Impress

Dressed to the nines, 8-month-old baby Skyler was toted by his mama, celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, in Los Angeles, Calif. on Sunday (December 11). The mother-son pair were joined by papa Rodger Berman, who was sure to accessorize his impressive duds as well.

While mom and dad looked fashionable, baby Skyler stole the show in his color coordinated blazer, scarf and hat. And not to mention his sweet smiles!

“Every minute I have to buy things for my son,” the new mom recently said. “It is too much fun. It is like dressing a live doll. He has no opinion.”

Has the Rachel Zoe Project star been transformed by motherhood in 2011? Cast your vote in our 4th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards!

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Photo credit: INFphoto.com


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  1. Whatever

    such a handsome little guy!

  2. krissy

    Is it me or are her pants WAY to long?

  3. krisrawr

    Is it me or our her pants WAY to long?

  4. Anonymous9

    Here come the lunatic posters. The baby is too fat/too skinny, the baby doesn’t smile/the baby smiles too much, Zoe has an eating disorder/doesn’t have an eating disorder, the husband is adorable/the husband is a monster.

  5. mia

    For a stylist, she certainly doesn’t vary her childs clothing (or her own, for that matter) very much. He wears that hat, jeans and (awful) scarf all the time. A SCARF IS A CHOKING HAZZARD. She says how much she enjoys dressing him up. but where’s the variety? He is soooooo cute though!

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