Chantelle Houghton: Glowing In Gold

Expecting English glamour model and TV personality Chantelle Houghton was spotted arriving at her press launch for Faking It! eye lashes in Kingly Court, London on Tuesday (December 13).

The Ultimate Big Brother 10 contestant – who is currently engaged to actor and mixed martial artist Alex Reid – was glitzy glam in her strapless, sequinned, form fitting gown that highlighted her growing baby bump (and long legs) as she made her way into the building.

The happy couple received news that they were expecting one week before they were to undergo IVF. Chantelle was told that her egg count was so low that she would be rendered infertile after three years. However, nature obviously had other plans for her.

“I only release an egg three times a year so that chances of me actually getting pregnant naturally were one percent – slim to none.” reveals the buxom blonde.

“I don’t care how fat I get. I don’t give a s**t. I’ll get fat as a house as long as everything’s OK.”

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. Anonymous

    Is she wearing the FakingIt product? If so, that is not a very good advertisement for the product. She looks like she has spiders on her eyes.

  2. freya

    I am from the UK and don’t think she should be featured on here. The only thing she is famous for is being the only ‘non’ celebrity in the big brother house at least 5 years ago. She isn’t a celebrity in the UK, despite the gossip magazines flogging her to the public, so I don’t know how an american website even knows who she is unless they think we find her interesting. Just my opinion and I will probably find now that people consider her a national treasure!

  3. Anonymous9

    A good bra is a beautiful thing.

  4. Charlotte

    I like Katie better! Her and Alex where really cute together 🙂 Also I’m an American and know who they are.

  5. Anonymous

    I swear she did a magazine spread and said she was infertile?

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