Happy 7th Birthday Milo Langdon!

Name: Milo William Langdon

Parents: Liv Tyler & Royston Langdon

Date of Birth: December 14, 2004

Siblings: None


  • Milo was born at 4:11 am in New York City
  • He weighed approximately 8 lbs at birth
  • Milo’s due date was supposed to be December 29th
  • His middle name is also his father’s middle name
  • Milo’s maternal grandfather is famed singer of Aerosmith Steven Tyler


“If I could put it into words [how we’re feeling], I would, but I can’t!” proud daddy Royston on the birth of his son.

“It’s the most exciting thing! [Milo] is just beautiful. He looks like [Langdon] but he has those big, juicy lips! She delivered that baby like a champ. It was really quick-eight or nine hours.” – Milo’s maternal grandmother Bebe Buell on the birth of her precious grandson.

“He is the most perfect-est baby, just like his mother. This is the best Christmas present a daughter could ever give her father.” – Milo’s maternal grandfather Steven Tyler on the birth of his first grandchild.

“Milo is obsessed with his grandfather. It is super-special too, because he has no idea who Steve is or who Aerosmith are but he finds him so magical. Milo is simply addicted to his Papa Steve.” – Liv on her son’s adoration of his grandfather Steven Tyler.

“My son is obsessed with the most basic things, like a plastic bottle you can make experiments with. Or I’m unpacking and I bring out a box and it’s like 10 hours of heaven. He turns it into all sorts of amazing things. He’s like a little scientist. He’s very smart.” – Liv on her smart little guy.

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    He is such a cute kid. We don’t see enough of him on this site.

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