Gary Shirley Granted Custody Of Daughter Leah

It’s official! As of Wednesday (December 14) Teen Mom star Gary Shirley has been granted custody of 3-year-old Leah – his daughter with Amber Portwood.

“Today the Department of Child Services dismissed their case against both parents,” explains Gary’s attorney, Jeff Lockwood, to Hollybaby. “Now that DCS is out of the way, regular court order comes into play.”

Gary is the primary custodian, which means he has custody of Leah and Amber has visitation rights.

For now, Amber will see her daughter every other weekend and alternating holidays. There will also be an arrangement for time spent together during the summer months.

“Gary loves Leah very much. In my opinion, he still has strong feelings for Amber,” says Lockwood. “Whatever her struggles are, he wishes her the best and supports her, but his primary concern is protecting Leah.”

Proud daddy Gary took to Twitter after the case was settled: “Today amongst all days is the single greatest day for the rest of my life:)”

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  • Anonymous9

    How awful are these people that this cretin is the winner in the who gets to raise this poor child sweepstakes?

  • SMH

    Gary is odd but I do think he cares very much for Leah. Having a child with someone will always mean you have feelings for them. They may not be love but you will always feel something bc you share something so special with each other.
    They both have issues and a lot of maturing to do and Leah should be #1 priority.

  • Dcx

    that guy deserves every right to have full custody – hes always been there and its for ambers safety to – its all worked out after all!

  • natasha mackay

    Im pleased gary got full custody of leah amber dont deserves her at all.gary is too good for her You go husband and i watch teen mom all the time and amber has a anger problem and its always got to be bout her.

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