Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise: Suri Hits The Town In Heels

Dawson’s Creek alum Katie Holmes and her 5-year-old princess Suri were spotted shopping the streets of New York City on Wednesday (December 14). At one point in the day, the cute couple made their way into New York’s famed toy shop FAO Schwartz . Apparently, little Suri threw a major temper tantrum in the luxury toy store and was seen crying and shouting at her mama. However, it was nothing that a lollipop and some toys couldn’t fix!

Earlier the same day, Katie had taken Suri to her gymnastics class and like a true diva, Suri wore her gold heeled shoes and a fancy tiara.

The A-list family added daddy Tom Cruise to their New York fun when the trio was snapped doing some sightseeing in Tribeca on Thursday (December 15).

Katie – who looked casually comfy donning a pair of shades, black jacket, jeans and a beautiful pink bag – proved to be quite the shutterbug as she captured some shots around the Big Apple while papa Tom carried Suri. Perhaps her feet were sore from walking in those shiny gold heels for the past two days?

It looks as though Tom Cruise has been a busy man these days, touring the globe promoting his latest film titled Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol. He has been to Asia, Europe and South America for the screening of his flick but recently returned to the United States this morning (December 15).

Tom is definitely taking advantage of his down time and spending some quality time with his leading ladies before Monday’s premiere of the film.

Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol will be hitting select IMAX theaters tomorrow.

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Photo credit: INFphoto.com/Bauer Griffin


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  1. Anonymous

    Is it just me or does this child seem to always be wearing clothes sized for a 2 year old. Also, why bring a kid to a toy store days before christmas? why give in to her tantrum and buy her toys and candy? This child has all the power in this family. Oh I forgot she is scientologist not a child a little adult who can make her own decisions hence the dress from her toddler years. She is the new “poor little rich girl”. 🙁

  2. Anonymous

    Here we go again…I saw photos of Suri crying, but she did not appear to be throwing a “major temper tantrum”. She wasn’t stomping her feet, kicking and screaming. She was just crying. She’s 5 years old. Little kids cry. Nobody knows why she was crying, but of course it will be assumed that she was being bratty. I feel sorry for this family…Everything is blown out of proportion.

    • Anonymous

      This family gets unfair criticism, kids cry, that is just a fact, why is it that when Suri cries it is a tantrum? She is a gorgeous girl and looks a lot like Tom.

    • mia

      There are literally THOUSANDS of pictures of Suri online. And I have personally only seen her crying (really crying, tears and all) in about three of them. That’s a pretty small percentage. So, IMO she seems like a well-bahaved child, especially considering she is mobbed everywhere she goes.

  3. Anonymous

    Hmmmm…I’m reluctant to believe anything that I don’t see for myself, especially celeb gossip, however…if Suri did behave like that “a lollipop and some new toys” are only going to make the problem worse.

  4. Anonymous2

    Even if it’s meant in jest (hopefully that’s the case!) there’s something a bit odd about referring to a 5 year old as a “diva”

  5. SMH

    I can see Suri having a fit. She just looks the type LOL *sarcasm*

  6. Anonymous

    She’s 5. She’s constantly followed everywhere she goes and people are constantly judging her and her parents but have no clue about anything that truly goes on in their private home life. If your own child has never cried in a toy shop and you are absolutely certain the reason is because you personally have impeccable parenting skills, go ahead and comment – maybe you can offer gems of advice to the rest of us who live in the real world.

  7. Anonymous

    I thought they were scientologist not Christians?Why are they celebrating christmas then,you can’t have it both ways?I saw pictures of Suri screaming in her mothers face on another site.If I did that when I was a kid the only thing I would’ve left the store with is a red arse!

    • Anonymous

      Scientologists generally do still celebrate Christmas. I don’t know exactly what they believe, but many people who celebrate Christmas don’t attach any religious significance to it.

    • Anonymous

      Uh, yes you can. You think no one celebrates Christmas except Roman Catholic Christians?!?! LOL LOL LOL

      (And if you think that the reason kids have tantrums is because their parents don’t hit them, then please do not have any children. There are way too many child abusers in the world already)

      • Anonymous

        FYI – Roman Catholics are not the only people who believe in Christ.
        If you don’t believe in Christ you don’t celebrate Christmas. You can’t have Christmas without Christ. You can have some other “holiday” that you make up on the 25th of December but it should not be called Christmas.

        • SMH

          December 25th is what you make it to be.

          How did Santa and flying reindeer come to be associated with the birth of christ?

          Where did Easter bunnies, easter eggs and baskets full of candy become associated with the resurrection of christ??

          The “holidays” have become a bit commercialized to not even be about the birth of jesus anymore. Sad but true.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry, fool. That’s the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard. I don’t believe in “Christ”, and I most certainly celebrate Christmas.

          “It should not be called Christmas”??? You’re a moron. Where do you think you get the right to decide what *I* call my holiday??!!

  8. Anonymous

    Perhaps she was throwing a tantrum because she was being told she couldn’t have something – it happens!!! No need to assume that she is upset because she is spoilt. Children cry and no matter how good a parent you are – it happens!

  9. Anonymous

    Wearing fur, short dresses, tights and heels. Like I’m describing a prostitute not a 5 year old child. Kill me now, but it’s the truth…

  10. Anonymous

    I’m just saying Tom is always going on about scientology being the be all & end all & Christmas is regarded as a Christian holiday.FYI I am not Roman Catholic-I’m Anglican.The last time I checked scientology was not an off set of Christianity.They believe in aliens not God or Jesus!And I never said I would beat my kid for having a tantrum but I did get a swat in the arse for kicking off as a child.Other religions do celebrate Christmas but not as a religious holiday as a commercial one.Tom Cruise is an idiot & a hypocrite anyway.

  11. SANDRAHuber

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