Vanessa Minnillo: “Babies Are The Next Natural Step”

Vanessa Minnillo says having children with Nick Lachey is the “next natural step”. However the actress, who recently changed her last name to Lachey, says she’s in no hurry to get pregnant.

She says, “Babies are] the next natural step. But, God willing, it will happen. It’s not a pressure situation. The great thing is we have been together for almost six years – five before we got married – and now it’s just enjoying being a newlywed and you never know. It’s what we like to call in the newlywed world ‘fun time.’ So if that is family planning, so be it.”

Married since July, she says the decision to recently take her husband’s surname was easy.

She jokes, “How can you say no to those dimples and baby blues?”

She adds that family will always come first.

First and foremost to me is family and that includes my husband and it’s what you do. I do love my work and what I do, but Nick is more important to me than anything in this world – soon my children will be the second most important thing to me.”

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  1. Anonymous

    hahahahaha!!! in other words Nick is somewhere kicking himself…He thought he upgraded!…They have been together 11 years..Just got jobs to support themselves so now they may be able to afford a kid…Meanwhile Jessica is laughing all the way to the bank and has to stop by the hospital on the way!! LOL!

  2. jacquie109

    Maybe I’m just weird but I can not understand people who love their husbands or SO more than they love their children.

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