Matthew Broderick & James Wilkie: Storytelling While Strolling

Matthew Broderick and James Wilkie took their regular morning stroll to school in New York City on Friday (December 16).

The pair both wore puffy jackets and seemed engrossed in conversation. James, 9, looked very animated while talking to his dad!

In an interview with Parade magazine last year, the actor said he’s just trying to stay ahead of his son.

The other day he was having an argument with me. He was like, ‘Can I just say something?’ I was like, ‘No, I know what you’re gonna say.’ He said, ‘How is it ever possible to know what somebody’s gonna say before they say it?’ And I said, ‘I guess it isn’t.’ So where could I go from there?”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • SallyAnn

    Why does James Wilke’s backpack say “Harry” on it? Surely he doesn’t go by a name other than his own while he is at school. His peers would have no clue who his famous parents are, and even if the classmates parents knew it’s no secret anyway. His parents are the ones who walk him to school every day. There’s nothing wrong with a backpack with a different name on it, it’s just curious. I do wish they would trim his hair a little. It just seems to overpower his small delicate face & features.

  • Anonymous

    That hair is a d@mn mess!

  • gbaby

    his hair does not look cute he need a hair cut

  • Anonymous

    i wonder why the backpack says “harry?”

  • chichic

    I have read he’s a huge Harry Potter fan, so maybe that’s what he wanted on his bag. Kids are very complex so nothing we see in a pic is indicative to what’s really going on. On another note, Matthew looks great. Seems like he’s lost weight since recovering from his back surgery.

    • Anonymous

      Painkillers will do that to you! (See Eric Dane).

      • Anon2

        So now you’re going to start a rumor that he’s addicted to painkillers??!?!

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