Ian Ziering & His Grove Girl

Pretty in pink!

Former Beverly Hills 90210 star Ian Ziering and his wife Erin were spotted doing a bit of Christmas shopping with their daughter Mia at The Grove in Los Angeles, California yesterday (December 17). Mia looked cute – and cozy! – in her super soft pink outfit and matching boots.

It looks like Ian will be headed to the big screen next summer in the comedy Donny’s Boy, co-starring Leighton Meester, James Caan and fellow funny dad Adam Sandler.

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Photo credit: Flynet

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  • Anonymous

    I know Ian’s wife Erin! And I’m not proud to say it. This girl is a scandalous, pathological liar, and she has and will sleep with anyone. She once told me that she would marry an extremely wealthy man she was dating, even though she did not care for him just so that her and her mother could travel and shop all the time. She has no real heart for people, only the intent of pleasing herself however she has to do so. She was called rude at the hospital she worked at, and would constantly sit in the breakroom claiming to be sick (while others picked up her slack.) Thankfully, Ian did get a prenup.

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