Sara Gilbert & Family: Farmer’s Market Fun

Heading out on a sunny Sunday in Santa Monica, California, actress Sara Gilbert took a trip to the farmer’s market with her kids Levi, 7, and Sawyer, 4, and her new girlfriend Linda Perry (December 18).

The foursome munched on a popcorn snack as they browsed the stands and picked up a few fresh fruits and veggies to take home. The host of The Talk seemed to dote on both of her cute kids, sharing a laugh with Levi as they walked about.

After splitting with her longtime love Allison Adler earlier this year, Sara confirmed her relationship with Linda, a producer, on The Talk just last month.

“The other day I was just out and paparazzi were there. It was Sunday morning and I wasn’t really prepared. There’s all these articles out that I’m in a new relationship,” she said. “It’s weird. I go online and it’s on like CNN, and I’m flattered and I can’t believe that anyone cares. As I’m developing a relationship with you guys [to her co-hosts], the audience, I do want to share stuff with you guys but kind of would rather do it on my terms, I guess, in full hair and makeup.”

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    Cool tshirt. Freecity Supershops!!

  • Anonymous

    Her girlfriend looks like she has dirt all over her arms.

    • Anonymous

      And so does your face

      • anon

        wow that’s mature. you forgot the “nanner nanner nanner” and “poo poo head”

        • Anonymous

          Well then, here you go: nanner nanner boo boo!

  • Anonymous

    cute couple! I love Linda Perry 🙂

  • Sam

    Ugh, this is gross, really, poor kids

    • Sophia

      What is really gross? Two women in a relationship? Oh my god you’re so right. Everyone should be straight, ’cause that’s normal, right? But if, heaven forbid, two men or two women happen to fall in love, it would be downright cruel for them to actually…..have children! Those children are really going to suffer having two parents who love them, as well as potential step-parents who no doubt love them too. Man, it’s going to ruin their lives.

  • carrie J

    They do look really dirty- just sayin…

  • Anonymous

    Are you kidding me? They look like perfectly normal, happy children. Calm down with the judgement.

  • Anonymous

    prison tats are so in this season

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