Emily Watson On Balancing Work With Motherhood: “It’s So Hard”

When the highly acclaimed director Steven Spielberg asked English actress Emily Watson to star in his World War I film War Horse, she naturally jumped at the chance, even though the opportunity would temporarily take her away from her kids.

The 44-year-old actress – who is mom to her two young children Juliet, 6, and Dylan, 3 – claims that juggling a busy career with motherhood is no easy feat.

“The longest I’ve ever been away was three weeks and that was a disaster,” reveals the Cemetery Junction actress. “It was really, really horrible. And before that it’s only ever been a week.”

“It was much easier before Juliet my daughter was in school and I used to just take them with me everywhere and, which was great,” she adds. “And I have the best nanny in the universe, she’s absolutely brilliant. She’s very flexible, she lives in while I’m away, she doesn’t live in when I’m there. And then she’ll pack a bag and come to Poland or Australia and she is fantastic with the kids. “

And although her hubby works from home, being called away for a movie still proves difficult.

“We somehow always manage to make it work,” Emily says. “The first question I ask when a job comes up is, where, how long? You know, does it match the school holidays.”

But no matter what, Emily enjoys being a mother.

Your children kind of learn things from you by osmosis, don’t they, there are things that you don’t realize that you’re doing that are good. And I went into school a few weeks ago and had a meeting with the teacher, you know, one of those, you know. And she said, you have a lot of books in your house, don’t you? And I was like, yeah. Juliet is just absorbing stories and literature from you having a lot of books and reading a lot in the house. And I, it had never really occurred to me that that was in any way unusual or, you know, but she said it’s really “a thing”. I guess that’s something we’re doing right.”

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