J.R. Martinez Kept Girlfriend’s Pregnancy “Under Wraps”

J.R. Martinez recently announced that he and his girlfriend Diana Gonzalez-Jones are expecting a baby girl in the spring. But – surprise! – the Dancing with the Stars champion has actually been sitting on the news since September!

“I kept it under wraps and focused on my dancing,” he said.

“[But] even when I was dancing, I still made time to go to her doctor appointments with her,” J.R. added. “I would tell Karina, ‘Hey I need to push rehearsal back an hour…’ I was so focused mentally, emotionally, on Dancing with the Stars, and then I was also processing, ‘Whoa, I’m going to be a dad!’ That’s a lot of information to process at one time!”

According to J.R., pro partner Karina was key in helping him juggle his roles as dancing contestant and dad-to-be. “She was always the one saying, ‘Go, do your thing!’ She was very supportive,” he said. “She’d always constantly ask, ‘How’s Diana doing?’ She’s a sweetheart, and she was very supportive and understanding.”

So are there wedding bells in the future for the Iraq war vet and expectant mom Diana? “We thought we’d get married, give ourselves a couple of years and do more things, experience things as a couple and then we’d start to think about kids,” he said. “But life doesn’t always work that way! Things happen! And I do see myself being with her forever.”

But it appears the mom-to-be would be happy to wait awhile. “She made it very clear to me even before she was pregnant… that [she is] not walking down the aisle with a big belly,” J.R. laughed. “It’ll definitely be something that’s NOT happening in the next six months. Right now the focus is the baby and bringing the baby into the world. But [marriage is] definitely something we want.”

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