Kyle Richards: Interviewed For Redbook By Her Daughter Portia

Kyle Richards may have a tough persona on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but when she’s with her daughter Portia, 3 years-old, her softer side comes out.

In the latest issue of REDBOOK magazine, the reality star, author and bag designer gets interviewed by her adorable little journalist-in-training about hamsters and babies.

Like a seasoned journalist, Portia starts her interview off by jumping right to the point: “Mom, can we have another baby?” to which Kyle responds, “I think four girls might be enough.”

When the adorable tot changes the subject to getting another pet: “Mama, pleeeease can we get a real hamster?” Kyle says, “I would rather have another baby!”

Perhaps Portia might get what she wanted after all. Now, that’s pretty good negotiating if you ask me.

To read more of the adorable budding journalist’s interview with her mom, pick up the January issue of REDBOOK, online and on newsstands today!

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Photo credit: Flynet

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  • Anonymous

    I admire your no bullsh**t approach but I have a question……..Do you actually think you are better than the rest of the women on the show…….Brandi and whatever Camillle’s Psychic Friend-but the core……..You are just as malicious and greedy as the rest-and that disappoints me-you can be so much more than that

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