‘RHOBH’ Camille Grammer’s Beauty Secrets Exposed

Love her or loathe her, RHOBH star Camille Grammar is undeniably GORGEOUS for a woman her age. Our friends at The Stir got the skinny on Camille’s fabulous looks via her make up artist and BFF Dedra Whitt. Dedra had five great tips on looking your most beautiful, Real Housewife-style, that we couldn’t wait to share. And guess what? NOT ONE OF THEM involves plastic surgery! Check it out here!

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  • Anonymous

    “for a woman of her age”???? isn’t it good enough to say she’s gorgeous? why the need to put a disclaimer in there? weak.

  • Anonymous9

    I guess she is beautiful if your idea of beauty is being made out of plastic.

    • Anonymous

      And Botox, so technically, she owes her “beauty” to a toxic substance.

  • Anonymous 2

    I agree with both of the above comments. 1. Why the disclaimer? Is there an assumption that women get uglier as they get older? 2. Despite that I don’t find her attractive.

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