Sandra Bullock’s Son Louis “Appreciates The Fairer Sex”

Sandra Bullock has a ladies’ man on her hands!

During her Monday night (December 19) appearance on The Tonight Show, the actress revealed to host Jay Leno that though her nearly 2-year-old son, Louis is “probably the best baby in the world,” he’s also a bit of a “flirt,” and definitely “appreciates the fairer sex.”

“He doesn’t flirt with me like that, and someone told me that’s probably a good thing,” Bullock joked. “He’s got a look where he just cuts the eyes at the ladies, and I’m like, ‘I’m sorry! I don’t know what’s happening.'”

Sandra also admitted that when it comes to her little boy, she’s a bit on the overprotective side, joking that, “Everything is a deathtrap!” But the Miss Congeniality actress says that’s a quality she inherited from her late mother, Helga Meyer.

“My mother was very strict, but rightfully so,” said Bullock. “She just didn’t want me in a car with any boys whatsoever until I was 18. Apparently she knew what went on there and I wanted to find out.

“I was allowed to go on a date twice, to a dance, but I had to call every 20 minutes,” she shared. “I do feel she knew something that I didn’t.”

And with the holidays very close, Sandra is really looking forward to her second Christmas with Louis — whether he realizes it’s Christmas or not.

“I don’t think he understands the concept, but he does understand that everything at his height level is really bright with lots of lights,” the proud mama laughed. “He doesn’t get it yet, but I think next year he’ll get it and demand things.”

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  • Anonymous

    Well she was married to a poor white trash, white criminal and now decided to adopt an black child with “old man look” and is happy he is a future skirt chaser. What is wrong with hear?

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