Harry Connick, Jr. Taught His Daughter To Drive At Age 6

Harry Connick, Jr.‘s daughter Georgia, 15, will be getting her driver’s license soon. But it looks like the teenager already has a head start on learning the rules of the road – Harry says he taught his eldest child to drive when she was just six years old.

“Georgia, she’s 15, she’s just about to start drivers ed,” he said, referring to the required classes for beginning drivers. “But you know it’s cool…Like, I remember when she was six I took her to the park and not only did I let her steer, but I let her drive. I shouldn’t even be saying this, but there was nobody there, it was like a Sunday morning.”

The Grammy award-winning singer – who also has daughters Sarah, 14, and Charlotte, 9, with wife Jill Goodacre – gave his daughter some basic pre-motoring instructions. Well, as much driving instruction as you can give to a six-year-old. “I said, ‘Listen, there’s two pedals down there, the one on the right (is the gas), don’t push that one. Push the one on the left (the brake) if you’re going to push any pedal at all,'” Harry recalls.

Luckily all went well with Georgia’s first cruise. “I said, ‘The car’s going to move (in neutral) on its own. As soon as you let your foot off the brake, it’s going to go. I’m going to stand outside the car and jog next to you and tell you what to do.’ And she was fine…The window was down, I had access (in case something went wrong), it was all good,” he says.

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  • Anonymous9

    My dad did the same thing but he stayed in the car. Running alongside is ridiculous; it isn’t a bike for goodness sake. That kid makes one mistake and she’s run over Dad.

  • Anonymous

    THAT is the studpidest thing I have ever read. Why did he need to be outside the car?

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