Kim Zolciak: New Baby Means No More Drama

What’s an episode of Real Housewives Of Atlanta without drama, right? But Kim Zolciak says enough is enough, and welcoming baby boy Kroy Jagger Jr. six months ago – with hubby Kroy Biermann – has given her a new set of priorities.

“Having a new baby changes you,” says Kim, who is also mom to daughters Brielle and Ariana from a previous relationship. “I used to cover my eyes sometimes [during my Housewives scenes]. I’d be like, ‘Oh, god.’ And now, this season…it’s been incredible…I wasn’t involved with the drama.”

The reality star says that not fighting with her Real Housewives of Atlanta costars on camera has helped her find fulfillment. “Watching this season, I feel like you can just see how happy I am on my face – I don’t even have to say anything,” she says. “I’m grateful to have all this captured on camera.”

And without all the drama, Kim says she’s even enjoying the show more. “I absolutely have no regrets, but this season is a lot easier for me to watch,” she confesses. “Last year I was caught up in drama and trying to do that bus tour. And it’s hard to watch. You live it, and then six months later, you watch it on TV. So this season, there aren’t any moments where I’m in a position where I’m going to cover my eyes.”

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  • T

    No kids to kids, I get but she has two impressionable daughters who were privy to all of that. I’d be more worried about them than an infant. I like Kim enough but you can tell some of her less advisable values have already been instilled in her daughters. Kroy seems to have come around at the right time, he’s really mellow and a bit more conservative so hopefully that rubs off on them, as well.

  • Anonymous

    Having a new baby changes you?? You already had TWO, you idiot!

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