Nicole Sullivan Runs Half-Marathon, Maintains Weight Loss

Actress and Jenny Brand Ambassador Nicole Sullivan continues to inspire us. The mom-of-two recently ran the Rock and Roll half-marathon in Las Vegas, finishing the race in 2:12:57 which beat her last time by over 7 minutes! It’s been nearly two years since Nicole lost 35 lbs. on Jenny. She’s kept it off since, and has more energy than ever.

Mom of two young boys – Dash, 4 1/2, and Beckett, 2 – Nicole opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about maintaining her healthy lifestyle, her “amazing” kids, and her guest roles for upcoming episodes of Cougar Town.

CBS: It’s been nearly two years since you lost 35 lbs on Jenny. Congrats! Have you been able to keep it off?

NS: “Weight maintenance is a tricky beast sometimes. But with Jenny’s maintenance program, and my awesome consultant Becky, I’ve been able to stay in my goal range the entire two years! Sure, there are months that are better than others. But when the number on the scale starts to climb up because I’m distracted or busy, I talk to Becky and the Jenny program gets me right back on track, and within a couple of weeks, the number goes right back down. Temptations are real. They are out there. And I am far from perfect, but Jenny makes it so easy for me to refocus on eating healthy after I’ve let the temptations win for a bit.”

CBS: Mariah Carey is the latest celeb mom to join Jenny. Have you had a chance to meet up with Mariah and see her adorable twins?

NS: “I’m actually Mariah Carey’s weekend nanny, so I see them all the time. I’m kidding [laughs]. I have not met her. But her commercials blew me away. I’ve never been that sexy a day in my life. Let alone months after giving birth to twins! As someone who battled the baby weight, I am so proud of her and what she and Jenny have done to get her back in amazing shape. Once again, proof that Jenny can be a savior to moms everywhere. I know it was for me!”

CBS: We’ve seen you become an avid marathoner since your weight loss. You even finished a half-marathon in Vegas with some of your girlfriends. Tell us all about it.

NS: “I can’t believe I am saying this, but the half marathon was actually really fun! Sure, the last 3 miles you kind of want to jump off a bridge, but most of it was super exciting. We ran down the Las Vegas strip at night! People cheering us on! I was all smiles. Then we got to go out to a delicious dinner.

And I did the race with some other moms from my preschool. I used to look at runners out my car window and think, ‘What jerkos. What are they trying to prove?’ And now I’m one of them. When I was 8 months pregnant and on the set of my TV show, I said to the wardrobe designer, ‘When I get this baby out, I’m going to start jogging.’ She literally laughed at me. I had no plan how to do that. But then I started Jenny. And suddenly I felt like I could make a new life for myself. And I did! I now jog! Right before the race we were all so scared and I said, ‘We’re doing this to be healthy and alive for our kids.’ And we all kinda teared up, and then we all finished.”

CBS: How are your adorable boys doing these days? How old are they now and what are they into?

NS: “I cannot believe the amount of times my sons shoot each other with pretend lasers in a given day. I used to say, ‘There will never be any kind of guns in my house!’ But they make guns out of sticks and crackers! You can’t stop them! I now just say things like, ‘Don’t shoot mommy in the face.’

My kids are 2 and 4 1/2. They are pretty amazing in every way. My oldest son is coming out of his terrible twos and threes (it was a long spell). And now we go on ‘dates’ and we laugh and laugh. Their smiles melt my heart. And I can’t stop squeezing their butts! They’re gonna be so over that soon.”

CBS: Tell us about your upcoming Disney TV Movie.

NS: “I shot a Disney TV Movie this fall in Atlanta called Let It Shine. It should come out late spring or early summer. It’s a music based movie. The teenagers were amazing. So ridiculously talented! Singing, dancing and acting! I was in awe. But it’s also funny how, at my age, I’m very irrelevant to their world. It makes me scared for my future with my sons! Yikes. We had a blast. Atlanta was amazing. But we have different music tastes. If I never hear another Chris Brown song again in my life, I’ll be just fine.”

CBS: Tell us about your upcoming appearances on Cougar Town. Did you have a blast working with fellow celeb moms Courteney Cox and Busy Philipps? Any on-set play dates?

NS: “I think Cougar Town is one of the funniest shows on TV. I have friends (Christa Miller, Busy Philipps, Ian Gomez) who are on the show. And I have friends that write on the show. And I watch it every week and laugh my butt off. Courteney Cox is so willing to take risks, which is so important in comedy. So as a fan of the show, I was thrilled when they asked me to play Courteney’s therapist. Her character and mine have a very dysfunctional relationship where it’s clear I sometimes tell her what she wants to hear because she pays me so much. Like everything Bill Lawrence (the creator of this show and Scrubs) writes, it’s hilarious and dark all at once. And talk about motivation to not snack on set! Those ladies are thin and gorgeous! Wow!

And Coco is around set all the time. She’s simply adorable. And my friend Busy brings her daughter Birdie to set a lot. She’s scrumptious! And I’m the godmother to Christa Miller’s amazing son, Will. So I see her kids a lot. But I don’t dare bring my kids to someone else’s set. If it’s a set where I’m a regular cast member, they run around and have a blast. But someone else’s set? I’m like, ‘Shhhh! Don’t run. Don’t yell. Don’t eat that off the ground.’ It’s not too fun for them.”

CBS: Any fun holiday plans or traditions?

NS: “We host a Christmas Eve dinner at my house. Growing up, my mother made the best spaghetti bolognese, which is odd because she’s German and Lithuanian. But I would request it every Christmas Eve, and now I make her recipe for all my friends! And I brine a turkey for 2 days, so it’s (usually) moist and yummy. After dinner we do a yankee swap! You know, that gift exchange thing where you get to steal the gifts from other people? It’s often awkward, but always hilarious. Last year I got a drink cooler that plugs into a USB port. Who wants a drink that close to your computer?! Bad gifts are awesome.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

NS: “After the holidays begins what, in the TV world, is called ‘pilot season.’ It’s auditioning season at its best and worst. Tons of jobs up for the getting, and tons and tons of actors who want them. But, I kind of thrive on competition. So I enjoy the intensity. And with two kids going into preschool next year, mama needs the paycheck! Who knew story time and block building could cost so much? I’m kidding. I love my preschool, and it’s amazing what they learn there. Yesterday my son explained to me what ‘infinity’ was. But then again, he also ‘shot’ me in the face with a ‘laser’ he made out of my hairbrush. So, there’s that.”

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  • Yessiree

    Adorable story!!! Great interview. Must either start Jenny or start running! Ha!

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  • LaurieR

    Look at how happy she is! Good for her! I gotta do something soon. pants are too tight. She inspires me!!!

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