Happy 3rd Birthday Dolly & Charlie O’Connell!

Names: Dolly Rebecca Rose O’Connell & Charlie Tamara Tulip O’Connell

Parents: Rebecca Romijn-O’Connell & Jerry O’Connell

Date of Birth: December 28, 2008

Siblings: None other than each other


  • The girls were conceived without the help of in vitro fertilization or the fertility drug Clomid
  • They were born in Los Angeles, Calif.
  • Dolly was named after famed singer Dolly Parton
  • Charlie’s name was chosen to honor Jerry’s younger brother Charlie


“I am excited I am having girls. I know guys are supposed to say, ‘I want a boy. I want to play baseball,’ but I think I’m going to be good raising girls…I can’t wait. They’re going to be tough chicks. They’re only having sex when I’m dead. If they don’t date boys at all and just want them to be infatuated with their father, that’s what I’m really going for.” – excited daddy-to-be Jerry on learning that he is having twin girls.

“The crazy thing about the terrible twos is they trick you, because when the girls are being adorable, they lure you right in and they get you. One of the twins is a daredevil. The other is careful and reserved. Yet they complement each other well.” – Rebecca on being mom to twins.

“I’d gotten very fluffy for the whole childbearing experience. You do that when you get pregnant, and then you find out you’re having twins, then you’re nursing them for eight months, and then you’re finishing up their meals. I’d forgotten how much I was really supposed to be eating…and then fast food started making its way into their diets and I felt like I was getting lazy about food preparation.” – Rebecca on trying to change her eating habits.

“It’s equal parts absolutely adorable and absolutely horrible! I’m just trying to get them to bed at night, but they’re two! That’s what being two is all about!” – Rebecca on the twins’ “terrible twos” moments.

“I do a lot of diapers. It’s amazing how much babies go to the bathroom, number one and number two, and it’s amazing how messy number two is….. The worst is when there is explosive number two and it gets everywhere. God forbid if you are at a restaurant or a mall and there is an explosive number two!” – Jerry on the “joys” of diaper duty.

“All I want to do is stare into my babies’ eyes nonstop! Being a mom makes me feel whole and like I understand the meaning of life.” – Rebecca on motherhood.

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One of my favorite celeb kids, so cute. 🙂 Too bad there’s not many pictures of them, but I’m willing to ‘sacrifice’ that in order for them having a normal childhood.


I’m sure they appreciate it.



Happy birthday to Charlie and Dolly! Way too stinkin cute!! Dolly looks a bit mischevious!


they’re so pretty ~~~~


Happy birthday sweet girls! It’s adorable how much Charlie looks like Jerry and Dolly looks like Rebecca.