Will Maria Shriver Call Off Her Divorce from Arnold?

If anyone has a reason to get divorced, it’s Maria Shriver. Back in May 2011, it was publicly revealed that her husband, action star and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, had been involved in one of the worst celebrity cheating scandals we had ever heard of: The 64-year-old had carried on a long-term affair with the couple’s housekeeper Mildred Baena that resulted in a child, all while keeping it a secret during his 25-year marriage to Maria. Now, according to our friends at YourTango, rumors are circulating that Maria may be reconsidering divorcing her cheating husband. Get the scoop here.

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  • Janna

    Please have some self-respect and don’t reconcile. This man didn’t just cheat, he carried on a long-term affair in their home, in their bed even. That’s cruel and I can’t imagine what he could say or do to justify that.

    • Anonymous 2

      I agree. It would be a shame if she went back. What could he say to make up for that humongous betrayal? And who would even want a man that would deny his own child for so long?

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