Sarah Jessica Parker: “No Big Celebrations” On New Year’s Eve

No big New Year’s Eve party for Sarah Jessica Parker this year. She’s planning to spend a low-key night instead. Parker, who has James Wilkie, 9, and 2-year-old twins Loretta and Tabitha with husband Matthew Broderick, insists she just wants to be with her loved ones than attend a big celebration.

She says, “It’s not radical, no big celebrations, just being with people that you know and love. It’s just friends and sometimes family, not always.”

In comparison to her single mom character in the movie New Year’s Eve, Parker says she’s a bit different.

She explained, “I can certainly relate to the kind of care and concern that she feels about her daughter but right now my children very much want me around. They’re interested in my presence, whereas my character’s daughter is really illustrating quite clearly that she wants to be an independent person.”

As for being famous, she still leads a fairly normal life in New York City.

“My life has changed in some ways, but living in New York, you’re out on the street every day. I go to the grocery store on my own, I take my children to school, I find a cab, I jump on the subway…”

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  • Anonymous

    She’s got the ugliest looking arms and hands – like an old lady.

    • Anonymous

      And you’ve got an ugly heart if that’s all you could think of to say.

  • Ondine

    With hands like that, I wouldn’t bring attention to them w/ jewelry. At least it keeps our eyes off her equally gruesome face.

    • Enidno

      Wow! You’re so funny and cool and so much better than her! I wish I could be just like you!

    • Anonymous

      You’re so right! Obviously she should have worn a burqa so she wouldn’t offend your delicate sensibilities!

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