Jennifer Garner & Seraphina: Pampered Pretties

Jennifer Garner fit in some pregnancy pampering on Friday (December 30). She and Seraphina went to get their nails done in Pacific Palisades, Calif. Seraphina, who turns three next week, made funny faces at photographers when she was carried out of their car.

At the salon, the actress was seen relaxing in a chair while the cutie got her fingernails and toenails painted too.

Jennifer and Ben Affleck are spending as much time with their girls as possible before the baby arrives. Just the other day they helped Seraphina and Violet with their lemonade stand.

With a boy on the way, Ben allegedly has said he “can’t wait to take his son to baseball games and play catch with him.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Please, too many pictures of this woman! She’s a D list celebrity who is quite possibly the most boring and uninteresting person in Hollywood. How many pictures can we see of her walking into a Starbucks or whatever daily activity she does? Enough!

    • Anonymous

      She’s a high profile film actress. You may think she doesn’t deserve the work that she gets, but she works at the top of the industry, and that is a fact. She’s also married to a high profile actor and director. Even if she was a housewife, she and her children would still be featured on this site, because of who their father is. Again, this is a fact – there are many spouses of celebrities that are featured here, even when their famous spouse is not with them, because their children are still celebrity children.

      And for the millionth time, if you’re not interested in pictures of her, why do you spend time reading the posts and commenting? Every second you spend reading a post and commenting on it is a second of your own life that you are wasting, and it’s your own fault. It’s obvious that comments like this don’t have any influence on the site owners, and in fact they probably prefer the extra attention and page \views it gets. So your comments just encourage them to post more pictures of her, not fewer.

      • alice

        Your first paragraph makes complete sense — this woman is no d-lister — she may not be an Oscar contender, but she is a bankable actress and has made millions from acting and endorsement deals.

        As far as the original poster is concerned, even though her comment is not sound or accurate and I disagree 100%, I’d rather read and comment back on a comment like that than like that than lame, syrupy crap like “oh so cute” “so beautiful”, etc. Yuch.

    • Kate

      I don’t see a baby…..DUUUUH!

    • JessicaQ

      I could not agree more. I think I saw toe posts on her in one day. Enough already! If her movies did half as well as people on this sit claim they do then we wouldn’t have to see her every day on this site. She wouldn’t need the publicity. Maybe the 5 rabid fans she has that visit this site should stop reading these posts about her and go see her flop movies over and over. Then the rest of us could see some other celebrities on this site.

      • Anonymous

        Nothing is preventing you from reading the other posts on this site. You obviously just like to complain. And guess what? IT DOESN’T DO ANYTHING. The more you complain, the more pageviews the posts get, and the more likely they are to keep posting about her.

        And the continued shots at her career are hilarious. This is a CELEB site. Not an “A-list” site. It doesn’t matter WHY she is famous. It only matters that she IS famous. (And, as has already been pointed out, so is her husband. This site is about celebrity children, which her kids unquestionably are. You just make yourself look like a moron if you deny it.) This site posts pictures of everyone from A-listers to D-listers to random Brits no one in America has ever even heard of. They post pictures of actors, musicians, models, reality stars, and just about anyone else with any trace of notoriety. It’s not like the Teen Moms or the Kardashians have any talent, and yet they are featured here regularly.

        Of course, recognizing this fact would require some basic thinking skills, which is obviously too much to ask of some people.

      • Omg

        Could you be more offensive in you defense of JG? Why don’t you just use the N word also. I am glad I count myself among a fan base as vile as you seem to be.

  2. Anonymous

    I just read her interview in InStyle and I find her enjoyable.

    Great handbag Jen Garner.

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