Celebrity Moms & Dads Wish Fans A Happy 2012!

See what your favourite star parents had to say this New Year’s Eve.

@torianddean Happy #2012 Everyone. Wishing all of u an abundance of love and health. Let’s make this year a dream come true!

@MelissaRycroft We may be on the West Coast, but we celebrated the new Year with the East Coast…and now it’s bed time! Happy 2012!!

@victoriabeckham We hope u have all had a magical Christmas and we wish u all a happy and healthy 2012!! X VB x

@pink I wish everyone peaceful closure for 2011, and enthusiastic excitement for 2012. Hope this next year provides a lot of laughs for us all. X

@MariahCarey Happy 2012 to ALL! LYM4E to all TLITL! This is OUR YEAR! Me+My fam send U SO much LUV! I wouldn’t exist w/out you! GOD BLESS! TYM

@dinamanzo My hubby came home from work for midnight. Best gift ever <3 Happy New Year!!! @ActuallyNPH Hope your 2011 was rad. If not, hope you gained some wisdom. Either way, may 2012 be kick-assier than any year thus far. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

@kingsthings One last thought for 2011: Have you ever seen a scene in a movie where a character stops the action to use the bathroom? I don’t think so.

@vanderjames Happy New Year! My resolution: To give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Imagine the world if we did that instead of rushing to judgment…

@peterfacinelli Learn from the past and look to the future. Keep moving forward. I wish u all a Happy 2012. #HappyNewYear

@RealHughJackman happy new year to you….here is to a safe, healthy and peaceful new year. all be happy

@moonfrye Happy happy new years everyone! Sending lots of love for the new year!

@TheHankBaskett I just wanna say HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! @TheHankBaskett n I are bein very spontaneous tonight.Ill tell u what we did after we do it. Haha

@michellebranch Happy New Year!! We just watched an amazing firework display over San Francisco bay from the comfort of our own bed. Awesome! #NotAnInnuendo

@hartluck Happy New Years 2 all my friends. I like to throw my happy’s out when u are feeling your worst. Enjoy ur hang over. Gonna be a good year.

@Bethenny Happy new year my beloved tweeps!!! Did everyone have fun?what time did u get home.we went to bed at 2.up at 7 w bryn.oof!

@jeweljk Happy new year my darlings! We will never be so young as we are right now, seize the day! I wish health and happiness for you all xo

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