Gwen Stefani & Family: A Swinging Good Time

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale took Kingston, 5, and Zuma, 3, out for a day of fun in Moorpark, Calif. on New Year’s Eve (December 31).

They visited Underwood Family Farms where they sat in a big wooden truck and spent time at the playground. The boys looked like they had a blast on the slide and the rest of the modern looking play equipment. As always, the family looked effortlessly stylish. It was cute that they all wore bits of plaid.

Also dad to a successful fashion model, Gavin recently said he was proud of his daughter Daisy Lowe and her work.

He said, “I see Daisy whenever I can. She’s done so well, she’s an amazing girl. I’m very proud of her career.”

Regarding Daisy posing nude in Playboy magazine, the rocker has a relaxed attitude.

He added, “The Playboy pictures were nothing really to do with me, I’m just there to support her when she needs me and look out for her. She’s an adult. I’m a pretty relaxed person, and that is reflected in my parenting style, too. I like my kids to express themselves and do what they want.”

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  • Elena

    So nice seeing this adorable family! They all look like they’re having a blast. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Look haters, no nanny!!!

    • kelly

      LOL. Not that it’s a big deal either way, but I saw more pictures on the daily mail web site and one of their nannies is in fact with them — the blond one. She’s wearing jeans and ugg boots..

    • kelly

      Not a big deal either way, but you’re wrong. Their blond nanny is actually with them – I saw her in some photos on another web site.

  • F.A.J

    These children are just 2 cute!! I do wonder if Zuma’s hair is natural blond or dyed because they dyed Kingston’s hair also b4.

    • Elena

      Of course it’s natural, are you blind?

      • F.A.J

        WHo jeez what is your problem? I mean it wouldn’t surprise me if they did dye Zuma’s hair. Gosh what is wrong with you people? It’s just a normal question. You just couldn’t say: No his hair is natural. Nope!!

        • Anonymous

          Although his hair is blond, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s been lightened somewhat.

        • Elena

          I’m just sick of all the prejudice towards this family, that’s all.

          • F.A.J

            Oh okay, but I didn’t give prejudice, I just wanted to know if his hair is natural blond because they did that to Kingston. I also hope they don’t dye his hair!! They’re so adorable and I don’t care like most people do if the nannies are around!!

  • James

    They’re all so beautiful and have such a great time :D!! x

  • Anonymous

    F.A.J @ yes ZUme is a natural blond.

    • Anonymous

      For now at least. Eventually his hair will darken. And that’s when G & G will break out the peroxide. Just like they did with Kingston when his formerly blonde hair turned brown. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a parent bleaching such young childrens hair before! Is that even legal?! Maybe Gwen should allow her own brown hair to grow out, and then, her entire family will have matching folicles:-D

      • Anonymous

        Kingston always had a darker hair than Zuma and they started dying his hair when he was 3 giving him all those cool teenage hair styles.. I don’t think they’ll do that with Zuma, they seem to like his hair long and naturally blond 😉

        either way, the boys are very cute.

  • Grandma of Four

    Cute kids! Cute pics! GOOD for The Parents for taking the kids to the park!
    :~ )

    • Anonymous

      Grandma, your comment confuses me. Isn’t that what parents do? They are a bit young to go by themselves dontcha think?

      • Anonymous

        Well if you believe some people here, every time a celeb ventures out into public it’s just a photo op. Because obviously when you become a celebrity, you stop having the need for all the activities that normal people do.

  • Felicity

    OMG what is happening at this website. They’re a lot of pathetic people who are giving annoying and mean comments about this family or other people who are visiting this website. SERIOUSLY GROW UP!!

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