Ellen Pompeo & Stella Enjoy An Aquarium Adventure

Such an adorable mother-daughter duo.

Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo and her adorable 2-year-old daughter Stella Luna were spotted enjoying a post-Christmas day at the Long Beach Aquarium on Friday (December 30) in Long Beach, Calif.

The pretty pair – who were reportedly joined by other family members but missing daddy Chris Ivery – were all smiles as they peered into the water to see what was swimming below. It looks like the family took in an aquatic show too!

The 42-year-old mother is gearing up for the premiere of the 8th season of the hit medical TV drama Grey’s Anatomy. The season premiere is slated to air this Thursday (January 5) at 9/8c on ABC.

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Photo credit: NPG.com

  • D.H.

    Missing daddy Chris??? yeah right. he was caught hitting on other women and cheating on Ellen. AGAIN. for how long will the PR try to hide this??? EVERYONE knows about it now. EVERYONE. Its only fair its not hidden anymore. Ellen deserves better.

    Read about him here at ohnotheydidnt.livejournal

    Great pictures. Ellen is gorgeous & sweetest person you can meet and Stella is beyond adorable they deserve much much better. its about they get that.
    Ellen has to get out of this. & ABC should just shut it.

    • kate

      I love the pictures. so perfect.

      I read that article about Chris caught Cheating again.
      Its not new, he done it before and probably do it again. I feel Ellen and he separated long ago but keep up the married image for specific reasons.
      a lot of celebs do it. Its not new. him cheating that is. the sad part is Ellen kept him regardless.

      • Ellen Fan

        Its all over twitter and facebook too.
        the cheating story. I love the ellen stella pictures. great duo..

  • Fran

    All Dempeo fans are psyco, who are for said Ellen deserve Better. Ellen is with Chris because SHE WANTS HIM and if they someday decide separated is their problem and if Ellen decided forgive him once and once is her life and is a shame that comment in all web sites hiding in fake names, put your real names. If Chris is cheating again who cares is not my Dad or my husband is ONLY Ellen’s problem. Besides is not the first time people said Chris cheat Ellen right??? But Ellen Still with him.

    • Anonymous

      What is a Dempeo fan?

      • Anonymous

        I’m guessing it’s a moronic portmanteau of Dempsey and Pompeo. Which doesn’t really make any sense since they’re not a real-life couple.

  • RJ

    D.H. @ crazy much really did you forget to take your meds?

  • Anonymous

    She uses that pacifier constantly.

    • MD

      So. lots of babies and infants do till 3 years old. its not a bad thing or strange.

  • CK

    You people are so blind! Everything is laid in front of you and you cannot see it! Well, I believe Ellen should run far far away from this stupid marriage of hers cause it’s not convincing anymore! Not because of Dempeo thing but because she is forced into this! If this marriage continues it will hurt her image cause she’ll be considered as the girl with no self respect! And I seriously don’t believe she is one or deserves to be called one! So PR people let her be!

    • Anonymous

      I agree. very much so. its all a PR game for ABC and Hollywood. its their thing, everyone should look happily married no matter what, its sick. and no one is buying it anymore. she deserves to be happy. i hope she is. but being with a public cheater is really doing bad things to her image.

  • Ellenlove

    Ellen is a beautiful, smart, talented woman and there’s no reason she should be stuck with a known cheater even just for show. Chris is a known felon and he cheated on Ellen when she was highly pregnant with Stella.

    Ellen’s PR tried to cover up the cheating story but we’re not fools! We know that Ellen and Chris must be separated for awhile already because Chris never joins Ellen and Stella on family outings and when they do publish forced photo opts of Ellen and Chris they both look miserable and it’s so obvious their not a real couple.

    I’m happy Ellen had the courage to leave Chris but i wish her PR and ABC would allow her to BE HAPPY and not have to go around lying about her marriage.
    Dear Ellen’s PR: Your making a big mistake by keeping her “married” to Chris because you’re helping throw a talented girls career away. She’s being perceived as a loser for staying with a known cheater. So do Ellen and her many fans a favor and give it up already!

  • Anonymous

    sad but true
    i love ellen
    her baby is super cute

  • CK

    Well since I’m not from the US can someone pls explain to me why US celebs need to portray the happy-family image no matter what? Aren’t they people as well? Can’t they just separate if they want to without this affecting their career? Which is more decent: to stay in a marriage and consistently lie about it because a TV channel forces you to or get a divorce and follow your heart? Why is it so inappropriate, I don’t get it! Can someone explain it to me please?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know where I’ve been, because I’ve never heard anything negative about Ellen & Chris’ marriage! I HOPE that it’s not true! Just because something is repeated, doesn’t mean it’s fact.

    • Anonymous

      He was caught cheating and this is not the first time.
      this is like the fourth time he is caught.

      here you can find blind item revealed only one of many cases
      hnotheydidnt.livejournal. com/65452448.html
      when she was pregnant a HUGE story the girl came out and spoke how he cheated with her while Ellen was pregnant. Her PR managed to brush that one away and bury it. i fear its getting too big for PR to hide any more.

  • Anonymous

    So agree with you! And I add: ABC, no worries, GA ratings are not going down if Ellen announces divorce! They may even rise! Anyway, we won’t stop watching because she had the courage to throw out the cheater! Oh and if Dempeo is real…? Ratings will go even higher! So give it up and let the woman live! 😉

    • EP

      I agree, i don’t know why ABC is afraid for Dempeo to announce their relationship if it’s real. Meredith and Derek have the largest fanbase of Grey’s so if they announce that their a couple fans will want to tune in more to GA because they love Ellen and Patrick together.

  • Anonymous

    Yes they are people and deserve to be happy but when you are a celeb you kind off sell yourself to the media and to the company you work for. meaning you have to keep up the happy family image as much as you can because it also affects the company you represent, here it would be the family oriented, the world is a happy place, ABC Network. if you notice almost anyone who divorces or is caught cheating or has issues gets the boot from ABC. rare cases got away with divorce while still working on ABC only because it was THE ONLY way out at that point for them.

    Whatever the case maybe here, I hope Ellen is happy in whatever choice she makes. but this issue about Chris is not made up or fan made, it’s true and caught on cameras and by many people out there. it’s only a matter time before it blows in his face and he is thrown out that door again. and PR can’t cover that much up no matter how much they try, cause current media twitter and facebook and blogs reveal so much more than the PR can control these days. Unless as someone said up there, i agree with it actually, that Ellen actually already left him but didn’t announce it , yet.

    • CK

      Well, I don’t believe actors sell themselves but they sell their talent and skill! And the company they are representing should be proud to employ talented actors and not make-belief happy family actors! Life is not black or white! It’s all shades of gray! And this applies to actors too! And honest divorced people doesn’t mean they are bad people or bad influencers! It means that they made a bad choice sometime along the line or found love somewhere else! Life is short to be covered behind fake marriages just because you need the job! Especially if you are as talented as Ellen! She doesn’t deserve this! Anyway, I hope Ellen announces that she got a divorce already and let herself be happy cause this is getting ridiculous! Oh and in all fairness, Chris technically didn’t cheat! He is divorced long time ago! Debatable if they even got married to begin with! So…

      • Anonymous

        I hope you realize that you’re sounding a little bit like the crazy lady who posts over and over and over again on every Leann Rimes post.

        Chill out, dude.

        • Anonymous

          @Jan4, 4:52pm

          So stalking and harassing people in EVERY thread seems to be your profession around here. What is it with you always trying to tell people what they can and can not do, especially since you are coming to these threads just as much as everyone else?

          • Anonymous

            I wish everyone here had to use a different name. With everyone posting under the name Anonymous, it seriously looks like everyone is arguing with themselves! Ha ha ha

          • Anonymous

            Um, Anonymous, how do you know how often the other Anonymous comes here?

          • Anonymous

            The person who made that comment is crazy and delusional. If you have any doubt, go read the comments on any Leann Rimes post. (yes, many people use the “Anonymous” name, but you can tell from the writing style that the really batsh!t stuff is all from the same person.)

          • Anonymous

            @ Jan 5, 2012 @2:57pm

            The only crazy and delusional person is you. Please go read other thread because it’s obvious that the person posting as just goes from thread to thread stalking anyone. Just like we can tell from your writing style that you are the one responsible for writing posts where you stalk and harass people by writing posts where you call others crazy.

            And now it’s gotten worse because she is using Leann’s and Brandi’s names to make posts in these threads.

          • Anonymous

            Because she uses the same lines over and over. She will always show up calling someone crazy or whining about unfair that these other celebs are not being judged like people judge Leann Rimes. I didn’t know that her stalking extended to other threads. Now it looks like she makes a habit of going from thread to thread attacking others.

        • Anonymous

          Oh god, look what you’ve done – looks like your comment was like the crazy person bat signal, and now this nutcase is infecting posts about other celebs. At least when it was only about Leann Rimes it was contained.

          • Anonymous

            Jan 5, 2012 1:38pm

            again, you infected the post about other celebs when you showed up stalking and harassing other posters with your “you are crazy” posts. And why are you talking to yourself and acting like you didn’t make the post where you called that poster crazy? No wonder you are now in the Leann Rimes threads using Leann’s and Brandi’s names to make posts.

            Why are you so upset STACE2U?

      • Anonymous

        What do you people know?? so many people are saying that now.
        That Ellen and Chris never married, or Ellen and Chris left each other long ago but never announced.

        What do you people know? So many people seem to know something.
        I mean I always agreed they did look a bit odd together and not “couply” no chemistry at all. I mean it was so clear. but lately its just COLD. I would believe they left each other maybe years ago but remain friends and do photo opportunities for the press to simply avoid being the tabloid talk.

  • Anonymous

    God, there are a lot of people here who are way too over-invested in the personal lives of complete strangers.

  • Anonymous

    Its called being true fans actually. 🙂
    and ellen pompeo has a large large fan base that will support her and love her no matter what. and true Greys anatomy will get even more viewers if a little drama is added. it always works. it comes with the job of being a celebrity.

    • Anonymous

      “true fans”? Is that what stalkers call themselves these days? You do realize you don’t actually know these people, right?

      • Anonymous

        So you really dont have a life do you?? if you don’t like what being commented here then move on. freedom of speech freedom of being a fan. this is far from stalking you obviously have no ides what that word means.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry if the truth hurts.

  • Nova

    I dont know if is true or not that Chris is cheating again, but why not wait until ELLEN announced they are divorced or separated. What’s the rush girls??? A lie doesnt hold up forever. Everybody said that he’s a cheater again but what is the evidence now??? Dont worry time to time.

  • Anonymous

    well technically he’s not cheating if they are not together any more…so yeah it’s a moot point to argue about him being a douche bag….

    • Anonymous

      If thats the case and they are already separated and apart as most of seem so sure off, then yeah he’s technically not cheating. If so, keeping this charade going on hurts not just Ellen but Chris as well, cause it makes him look as a cheater and player while Ellen appears as weak and holding on to a cheater.

      Ellen is much better than that so I for sure go for the “separated” story and i think its true 100% and i feel it will be announced sooner than later.

  • Anonymous

    Ellen Pompeo we love you.
    just know you have a huge huge fan base who adore you and stand by you
    no matter what.

    can’t wait for Grey’s tonight. Ellen Pompeo will shine tonight
    as she always does as a true lead that she is.

    For Ellen
    no matter what choice you make. you will get only respect, love and support from your fans. Dempeo, be it real, as Millions around the world wish, it will be just amazing. If not so be it. As long as you are happy and we can still see you on TV, Movies (hopefully real soon), talk shows and other projects and as long as you do it because you love it; We will forever support you with all our love and all our cheers. 🙂 Just please don’t live a lie just because a network thinks its better that way. 🙁

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