David Beckham Launches Bodywear Line

In our best efforts to brighten your day, we are posting David Beckham‘s latest underwear pics. You’re welcome!

On the heels of declining an invitation to leave America for France, the 36-year-old soccer stud – who happens to be one of our favorite celebrity dads – has teamed up with H&M to design a new line of bodywear that will hit the stores in February. The line is said to be “fit, function, comfort and design.” Looking good daddy-of-four!

David and his Posh wife Victoria Beckham – who are parents to sons Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 9, Cruz, 6, and 5-month-old daughter Harper – have decided to stay in the USA. The doting dad recently cited “family reasons” as for his refusal to move from Los Angeles Galaxy to Paris Saint-Germain soccer team.

Glad you’re staying stateside, Becks!

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Photo credit: H&M/INF


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  1. Anonymous

    What do his underwear ads have to do with his kids? Are they hiding in there somewhere? Is this even still a celebrity kid website anymore?

  2. kimberly

    why is does his bulge look so weird, its like its in a shape of a toy sail boat or something…..

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you for brightening my day. I enjoyed the undie pics immensely.

  4. carolyn Robertson

    Oh my. Not that he needs any help, but the fact that he’s such a doting dad to his kids just makes him that much hotter.

  5. Sunnydays

    I don’t care what any one says- Victoria Beckham is the luckiest woman in the world 🙂 Imagine crawling into bed with him every night??!
    Thanks for smile!

  6. Anonymous

    Is there anything this man wouldn’t do for money? With all he has already gain, you would think he could spare himself the ridiculousness of those photos

  7. Anonymous

    I think I’m quite normal when it comes to appreciating an attractive man but I’d much rather see them posing in a gorgeous suit than in their underpants. Even a bathing suit would be preferable to this.

  8. Anonymous

    wow.. he’s not aging well

  9. seo

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  10. Carrie

    Horrible picture! Know at least 4 guys that would look better in that underwear, he Looks like a robot!

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