Jennifer Garner: Smooches For Seraphina

Expectant mama Jennifer Garner and her daughter Seraphina – who turns 3 this Friday – were seen spending some one-on-one time together today (January 4). The adorable mother-daughter duo were caught smooching outside a cafe in Santa Monica after enjoying a breakfast date.

One of our favorite toddlers of 2011 was sporting a picture of her famous papa, movie star Ben Affleck, on her T-shirt. How cute!

In addition to running a lemonade stand, hitting up Starbucks and getting mani-pedis, the Affleck girls (including big sis Violet, 6) have been seen enjoying the holiday season with their daddy and their doting grandparents.

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  • Arabella

    sweet seraphina

  • Nina D.

    So cute!

  • AvaElizabeth


    But at the tshirt – doesn’t look like ben affleck!
    Also doesn’t look like Casey Affleck, which was my second thought.

    • Anonymous

      It is Ben Affleck, only without the beard and a clean haircut!

  • Elena

    Adorable! I can’t wait for the newest member of their family to arrive. 🙂

  • avery

    It’s nice to see a celeb who spends so much “one on one” time with her kids. Sure she’s got help, nannies, assistants, etc., but she doesn’t rely on them 24/7.

  • Aly

    makeout session.

  • Annie123

    Why is Jen always dressed like it’s winter, boots and tights and all, and her daughters like it’s July?

    • Anonymous

      It’s hollywood Im sure it’s not cold for her kids and maybe she prefers the warmer clothes. Im freezing all the time and prefer to be in warmer clothes where my kids are always hot b/c they’re moving more then me.

      • Anonymous

        Wow, shocking that different people have different sensitivities to temperature!

        (My sarcasm is not directed at you by the way, it is directed at the people who don’t seem to understand this concept. This same question gets asked over and over again, and it’s such a stupid question.)

  • Anonymous

    That’s a cute baby.

    • Kate

      Where’s the baby?

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