Johnny Depp & Family: New Year’s Eve In LA

In a rare sighting, Johnny Depp was pictured on New Year’s Eve with his family in Los Angeles, Calif. The Pirates of the Caribbean star and his longtime partner, Vanessa Paradis, were seen with their two children – daughter Lily-Rose, 12, and son Jack, 9 – and a woman believed to be Johnny’s mother Betty Sue.

“It was having children that woke me up,” Johnny recently said of being transformed by fatherhood. “To fall in love, to that degree… to fall in love with… these little angels. Who didn’t ask to arrive, but who arrived anyway. That was just huge for me.”

The hunky papa added: “It was like the uplifting of a veil. There was something that it gave me, for the very first time in my life… Clarity.”

Watch for Johnny to light up the big screen later this year in a cameo performance in 21 Jump Street. Johnny reached teen idol status in the ’80s television series as officer Tom Hanson.

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  • P!nk

    His kids are beautiful! His son looks exactly like him.

    • Elena

      Really? His daughter is the spitting image of him, I believe the boy looks more like Vanessa. They’re both very good looking nonetheless.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you. His daughter took after daddy, while his son looks like mom. Anyway, Lily and Jack are getting sooo big!

  • Anonymous

    Wow! on so many levels…

  • rachel

    So glad to see you Johnny!..I love you and your kids are lovely!

  • Arabella

    lovely children

  • Elena

    I believe Lily’s not into Justin Bieber anymore, ha?

  • Hmm…

    “In a rare sighting, Johnny Depp was pictured on New Year’s Eve with his family…”

    You actually see Johnny together with Vanessa and the kids in any of these pictures? I recognize his mother, and it’s great to see him with her, but these pix don’t even look like they were taken at the same place…his kids are just so beautiful tho.

    • Anonymous

      I guess your suspicions were correct…so sad.

  • Anonymous

    I love the picture of Johnny with his mom. He’s holding her hand and her handbag. What a good boy!

  • Anonymous

    Wow Lily grew up! I definitely see her mother in her face. Vanessa is so distinct looking that her features are very clear in both children. They’re so unique looking and beautiful!

  • Anon

    beautiful kids. i hate the way johnny dresses…..who wears that all the time? i think him and angelina jolie have the same stylist.

  • Binky

    Lily is the spitting image of her Dad. Jack used to look a lot like Vanessa but is now looking more like Johnny did when he was little. Jack will have the teen idol looks in 5-10 years. Both kids have their mother’s (and Vanessa’s mother’s) muscular calves.

    And, agree with Hmmm.

  • Christina Rosetti

    This is one reason why i love JD – no qualms at all about subjecting himself to possible ridicule by being photographed holding his mom’s purse. Her safety and comfort is all that matters to him at that moment. Best wishes to the whole family.

    • Bree

      ridicule for holding his moms purse? maybe if he was in 3rd grade…..

      • Anonymous

        Are you kidding? I’ve seen people on this message board ridicule celebrities if their hair is not brushed perfectly at all times. A purse could definitely set some of these bullies off.

        • Bree

          Do you think ANY celebrity featured on here is worried about what we think? Do you think when his mom asks him to hold her purse again he’s going to have second thoughts because he was ‘ridiculed’ on CBS? Come on people, lets get back to reality.

  • Cheddar

    Ha – he calls his kids angels. Any parent who reffers to their kids as such, clearly doesn’t spend enough time with them. They’re sweet looking children though.

    • Elena

      What a ridiculous statement. Oh, you definitely know how much time he spends with his children. You living with them maybe?

    • Bree

      just because your kids are devils doesn’t mean everyone’s are. mine are angels too.

  • Anna

    I can’t believe they let a 12 year out of the house in that outfit!

  • rachel

    Yeah..about his clothes..come on Johnny,you are a hot guy…stop with that ridiculous outfit..and blue shoes too? too much..anyway I love you

    • anonymous

      He dresses like an 80 year old black man.

  • Anonymous

    I love Lily’s boots.

  • RJ

    Anna @ I know other sites have photos of her from the Back and you can see part of her butt not good and I won’t even tell you what some of the sick posts were saying abut a 12 year old girl i’ll just say that those comments should be for a grown woman or not write /said at all.

  • Amy23

    Anon@ I don’t know why you would say angelina jolie and Johnny have the same stylist it’s more like Johnny and helena bonham carter have the same stylist.

    • anonymous

      because they both dress like they’re senior citizens going to church, every single day. i’d love to see either one of them in jeans and a t-shirt once in a while.

  • Anonymous

    im not gonna judge their parenting skills in how their daughter dresses but i’ve actually have seen worse with girls as young as 10yrs old wearing even shorter shorts shorts then lily i get that lily is in the spotlight because of who her father is but i’ve learnt that i have to get over it because truth be told this is but young girls wear these days and yes i did see what lily was wearing fron back 2 front, she’s a kid doing what other kids her age are doing and wearig they shoudn’t take that away from her because her father is famous

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