Myleene Klass & Family: Barbados Beauties

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Here star Myleene Klass was spotted enjoying a day on the water with her husband Graham Quinn and their two adorable daughters Ava, 4, and Hero, 9 months in Barbados on Tuesday (January 3).

Myleene – who looked great in her teeny animal print bikini after welcoming her second child less than a year ago – kept baby Hero close to her on shore as Graham and Ava enjoyed the water and a fun-filled ride on a jet ski!

The 33-year-old TV presenter recently opened about how she developed severe joint pain after the birth of her youngest daughter Hero. According to the musician, she developed an agonizing back ailment three days after giving birth to Hero.

“I was at home in bed and as I tried to roll over to get up I felt an intense, piercing pain on my right side,” says Myleene. “The pain was so intense I could not move. I had seen my dad slip a disc and initially I wondered if that was what I had done too. The first thing to go through my mind was ‘how am I going to be able to pick up my baby?’. I couldn’t see how I was going to be able to get out of bed and I had to shout for help.”

Although her initial slipped disc prediction was plausible, Myleene was in fact suffering from pelvic girdle pain, a common problem affecting about one-in-five women during pregnancy or just after and affecting the sacroiliac joints at the very bottom of the back where the pelvis meets the spine. The thought surrounding the condition is that it’s caused by the pressure the unborn baby puts on the joints and surrounding muscles making the pelvis less stable.

“I could not even bend over to pick up my socks as normal,” Myleene admits. “I had to pick them up with my toes.

“I couldn’t reach over to pick Hero out of her cot. I had to have help,” she adds. “It was upsetting because when your baby cries your natural instinct as a mother is to go over and pick her up but I couldn’t do that.”

After some physiotherapy, Myleene is on the road to recovery. However, life is definitely not as easy as it once was for her.

“My physiotherapist warned me it was going to be a long haul and six or seven months down the line I am still suffering,” she claims. “It is frustrating. I can now pick up my older daughter Ava, who is four, but I have to really think about what I’m doing. I still can’t do exercises such as skipping and kickboxing, which I used to love. I’m quite an active person so it has made me think about looking after my joints.”

“As well as my exercises I now take fish oils to try to protect them too. The experience has taught me to never take my mobility for granted.”

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    She looks hot! Simply Klassic beauty!

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    Cute baby but for her… there’s a problem with photoshop!

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