‘Teen Mom’ Leah Messer Is Engaged & Expecting Baby No. 3!

2011 was a tough one for Leah Messer, with her fairytale wedding ending in divorce in just a matter of months. But it seems that the New Year is bringing lots of new and exciting things for the Teen Mom 2 star.

A source has confirmed to E! News that Messer, 19, is expecting her third child with beau Jeremy Calvert, who just proposed to the mom of two-year-old twins Aleeah and Aliannah.

Calvert reportedly presented Leah with a 1.5 carat princess-cut diamond ring on Christmas Day.

No word yet on how far along Messer is in her pregnancy.

This will be the second marriage for Leah, whose first husband and baby-daddy, Corey Simms, was featured with her on the MTV reality show prior to their divorce in April of 2011.

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  • Anonymous

    YIKES! Is all I have to say…and also that she is moving way too fast; slow down girl, you have your whole life ahead of you.

  • Anonymous

    Dang girl…3 kids by two different fathers, 2 marriages, all before 20 years old?! She gets around!

  • Anonymous

    Disgraceful – instead of getting preg AGAIN to extend her already expired 15 minutes she should focus on her 2 kids she has-ESP the one with the developmental issues! She’s pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    stupid is as stupid does

  • Arabella


  • Anonymous9

    “But it seems that the New Year is bringing lots of new and exciting things for the Teen Mom 2 star.” That isn’t exactly how I would have written that sentence.

  • Anonymous

    Omg!!!!! noooo so stupid it’s unreal!!!!!!!

  • Rosy

    She’s not a celebrity.

    • Emily

      Did you know who they were talking about? Then she’s a celebrity. Even if you dont like it, dont like that she’s really just a teen mom, whatever…. She’s on tv. Thats a celebrity.

      • Anonymous

        No just because you are on TV does not make u a celebrity.

        • NYC Mommy

          FYI- by definition she is a celebrity- see definition below:

          1. a famous person: a show-business celebrity
          2. fame or notoriety

        • Anonymous

          Actually, these days it does. If it weren’t the case, then explain the Kardashians.

        • Feli-Feli

          I soooo AGREE with you. I mean just like Maci Bookout, she thinks she is totally a celebrity but she is not. Oh and with the Kardashians. You can’t compare then. Kim Kardashian is famous because there was a sex tape with whom she slept with a celebrity. Oh and she is not just a reality star she is also a model, socialite, television personality and businesswoman. Also the same for Kendra wilkinson, she is not just a reality star, she is also a model.
          Leah Messer is just a pathetic woman who gets pregnant for the second time and already has 2 children. YIKES!! :^(

          • Anonymous

            Kim Kardashian didn’t have a sex tape with a celebrity, she had a sex tape with a guy who is the sibling of a celebrity. There’s a big difference. She also wouldn’t be a model, socialite, television personality and businesswoman WITHOUT the reality show.

            If she can support her kids, what makes her pathetic? Her age?

          • F.A.J

            OMG what’s your problem? She’s pathetic because she cheated on her husband who is a great father to there children and now she’s pregnant with her third child. Also because she thinks she’s a celebrity which she is not. Oh and Kim Kardashian did slept with a celebrity Ray J oh and she is a businesswoman, reality star, actress and socialite. Men can’t you read. I guess so. First learn how to read before you reply my comment. BYE!!

  • Corrinne

    Why are you celebrating this “Babyscoop” ???? This is not going to turn out well. This girl should be putting her life only into those 2 kids for at least their childhood years – she is horribly selfish and distracted..

  • Anonymous

    Before you judge, think about the fact that this might not even be true. “Sources” don’t always tell the truth…how many “sources” have said that Jennifer Aniston has been pregnant for the last 10 years? Before you make comments just make sure that the story is true…

    • Anonymous

      No one on this website has ever stopped to wonder if something were true before judging the hell out of every person featured here. I wish this site would stop featuring speculation and wait until things are confirmed, but it’s never gonna happen.

  • AV

    Wow, shocked here. It’s ok to want to have kids and want to be married again. But wooow, she isn’t even 20 yet. I’m 21, want to have kids, want to get married. But then again this will be the first time and I allready have a degree in business, and it’s a way different topic here in the Netherlands.

    • Anonymous

      Well, that’s you. Does everyone have to follow *your* plan?

    • NYC Mommy

      AV- you should be proud of yourself. Keep on track.. It is best to get an education and some maturity before taking the big plunge with marriage and children. A woman should find out who she is and develop career and life goals before becoming a wife and momma. You have your whole life ahead of you ENJOY your youth 🙂

      • Anonymous

        It’s best for some people, no doubt. But sweeping generalizations about how “a woman should find out who she is and develop career and life goals before becoming a wife and momma” are kind of silly. What if someone’s goal IS to become a wife and momma?

  • Anonymous

    Why on earth is she in such a hurry??

    • Carrie

      For Attention!! Babyscoop- PLEASE stop celebrating these disasters!!!

  • Judy

    How stupid one has to be to get divorced after 6 months of marriage, and within another 6 months bang with another guy, get pregnant and engaged? 19y old and 3 kids??! What the f*ck is wrong with those teenagers? I’m sure there will be the same story shis time.
    This guy looks just exactly like her ex-husband, by the way.

  • SMH

    Nobody can take these kids yes kids seriously. You watch the show and they’re all in love and next minute they’re yelling and screaming at each other. Just the other night was Leah and Ali’s first Christmas home and Leah and Corey were all warm and fuzzy with each other and of course we know that doesn’t last but it’s such ashame that these girls can’t slow down, take a look at their lives, and take care of what’s aleady in front of them! I would not be proud to say I’m 19, uneducated, with twins and another baby on the way with another man! As someone said they have their whole lives ahead of them and if only they would see that. They will look back on their lives in 15-20 yrs when hopefully they’ve matured and think, “wow I was such a dumbass!”

    • Corrinne

      You’re so right- she should NOT be proud!! The sad thing is that 20 years later its not just an old bad hair style she’ll be embarressed by-its about there will be more screwed up kids (adults by then) around..because she thought it was a great idea at the time, do these girls really think that they have nothing else to do with their lives???? And yes it IS OK to judge these people, its normal to have an opinion and decide which direction you will take in life !!!!

      • Anonymous

        It’s also pretty normal for teenagers to make mistakes, even gigantic ones. Relax, this is having no effect on you.

        • Cassie

          You’re wrong at your assumption.
          Leah is not commiting a mistake and she did not commit mistakes in the past, the mistakes I’m talking about are obviously the pregnancies she has chosen.
          This woman is not a teenager anymore, her teenager years arrived to an end years ago when she decided to become a serial breeder.
          I don’t think Leah, her kids and all the men in her life will suffer since there always people who are more than happy to sustain others.

          • Anonymous

            Actually, she IS a teenager. Duh.

        • SMH

          No your right it doesn’t effect me and at the end of the day I really don’t care. But what I do care is what is being put out in public for all young girls to see. I really hope some teens are smart enough to look at this show and not think this is the life they should lead.
          Having a baby at any age is hard. But don’t go on tv and complain about how hard it is and then turn around and get pregnant again as a teenager with another guy and then expect sympathy when you cry about having 3 kids under 3 at only 19 years of age!

  • Anon

    She figured out she can f*uck 4 fame- she’s already been paid to have one normal daughter and one not so normal…SO, this is a JOB now. She can be the next Kate Gosselin…I hear TLC is interviewing trash

  • Anonymous

    Seriously what kind of example are you setting for teenage girls out there? It’s ok to have unsafe sex and get knocked up again! I mean how can you have that many mistakes! Grow up use protection.

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