Rachel Zoe & Rodger Berman: Sightseeing With Skyler

Stylist-to-the-stars Rachel Zoe was spotted hitting the pavement with her hubby Rodger Berman and their gorgeous 9-month-old munchkin Skyler as they took in the beautiful St. Barth’s sights on Wednesday (January 4) in St. Barthelemy, France.

Rachel wore her signature long loose-fitting dress, pair of shades, chunky jewelry and a wide-brimmed black hat. It seems that Rodger wore the most precious accessory of the duo today – his sweet son Skyler! The blue-eyed beauty caught a ride on dad in a baby carrier as the trio explored the Gustavia Harbor.

Looks like that there is still drama between the fashionista and her ex-assistant Brad Goreski. The quirky stylist recently launched his own spin-off program on the Bravo network titled It’s a Brad Brad World and although the general response to to the show has been largely negative, so might his ex-boss’s reaction to his new venture.

“Rachel gave that ungrateful kid everything,” a friend of Rachel’s reports. “Not only did she give him a job, working with the biggest designers and celebrities on the planet, Rachel also made him a star by putting him on her reality show. And this is the thanks she gets? It’s disgusting.”

Even though many of us are not surprised by the perpetual rumors circulating about the duo’s current conflict, Brad feels it’s sad.

“We left on really great terms,” he reveals. “Unfortunately, for her, not. I’m 34 years old, I’ve been with her for three years and had a voice that said I had to move on. I’m so grateful [new client] Jessica Alba took a chance on me.”

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Photo credit: INFphoto.com/Pacific Coast News


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  1. em714

    Aw these pix of RZ and her baby have been so sweet the past few days.. they really portray her in a sweet motherly light- something I never would have thought suited her!

  2. SMH

    omg what a cute chunker! I think he’s one of the cutest baby boys! Love his hair and eyes so much!!

  3. Trina

    I LOVE his hair and chubbiness.. he’ll be bigger than his mom in no time 😉

  4. gbaby

    his mom needs to eat whatever he’s eating

  5. Anonymous

    LOL – looks like the little guy’s arm is bigger than hers. At least someone (him) in the family appears to be healthy.

  6. Anonymous

    What is the story with her and Brad?? What really happened?

  7. jacquie109

    I love that he is such a little chunker. Rolly polly babies are the best.

  8. Tony

    When you say the response to Brad’s show has been negative, what are you talking about? He got over a million viewers for the premiere of his show and all the reviews beside the NY Daily News have been positive. Please be a real journalist and point out the negative reaction to the show. Thanks.

  9. Anon

    The poor kid is just trying to make eye contact with ANYONE but all he sees is fly eye sunglasses. Poor kid!

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