Beyoncé: Still Pregnant. Still Stunning.

The rumors are false!

Mom-to-be Beyoncé was seen in New York City on Thursday evening (January 5). Despite online reports that she went into labor just days after Christmas, the 30-year-old popstar was seen patting her baby bump as she left an office building with her mother Tina.

The Grammy Award-winning singer was simply stunning in skinny jeans and a blazer, accessorized by a large patterned scarf to cover her burgeoning belly. And not to mention those gold heels… albeit much lower than her usual stilettos!

When will Beyoncé give birth to her first child with R&B superstar hubby Jay-Z? Our readers voted that baby Carter will arrive in late January.

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  1. Anonymous

    Where is her belly?! An 8-months pregnant belly does not disappear behind a scarf. What is going on here?

  2. Don't Shoot the Messenger

    I want to believe she is pregnant but she doesn’t look like she is due anytime soon. Whenever I do see “a bump” it has always been the same size. Where is her cousin Angie Beyince, haven’t seen her in a while. There is speculation that her cousin is carrying the baby as a surrogate and Beyonce has just added on a few pounds and wears a prostatic bump. But if some people see it and some don’t oh well. I mean every woman carries differently. Petite Victoria Beckham still looked heavily pregnant and Jessica Simpson looks like she is ready to pop now although she isn’t due this month. It just seems odd. If she could not have a baby why not be a voice for those who do use surrogates and not lie?

  3. Anonymous

    She is due in February. That came out a few months ago.

  4. Sujinah

    I personally don’t see her baby bump. To me, she never looked pregnant but I don’t know what is going on. Oh well …

  5. Trina

    Best NON pregnancy in the history of the world!! Lmao

  6. Jodi

    There was a thing on E news I believe. Some are speculating she already gave birth and is just keeping it a secret. This picture was taken while she was leaving the building and getting in the car. She got into the car with ease. So maybe she did give birth when the rumors were circulating. Her belly did appear different at different times but I’ve seen quite a few pregnant women and towards the end of their pregnancy there faces always seemed fuller. It’s hard to get that effect by just putting on a few pounds. Whether she’s carrying the baby or someone else is I think they will be good parents. Btw, I hope everyone had a happy holiday.

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