Gavin Rossdale & Kingston: Packin’ & Snacking

Gavin Rossdale and Kingston did some grocery shopping in Sherman Oaks, Calif. on Thursday (January 5). As the rocker packed away the Whole Foods bags, the handsome little 5-year-old snacked on chips.

No dyed hairstyles lately. Kingston is sporting a more natural look.

Back from touring, Gavin recently let fans know on his Twitter page what he’s been up to.

He wrote: “Yo yo yo- how you doing this year? shooting the video for baby come home-jan 14. coming together sweet. any suggestions?”

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Photo credit: NPG

  • Anonymous

    No dyed hairstyles lately. Kingston is sporting a more natural look

    At 5 he’s probably old enough now to resist and say “enough is enough”, let me dress like a normal boy my age.

  • SMH

    honestly to me it looks much darker then normal.

  • Anonymous

    How does it look “much darker than normal”? First of all, none of us have seen his real hair color in a long time to know what normal is. Secondly, his father has dark brown hair and the same color as his son.

    • Anonymous

      Whoa…calm down.

  • debracapra

    You can also look up your local grocery store or online website Printapons and find a list of the best deals, and the sites will match sale items with coupons.

  • Dani

    wow…must say I love seeing this picture…Kingston looks like a “normal” boy, no freaky clothes or dyed hair…love it!

  • Anonymous

    kind of weird to see him without a stylish hair, dye or no dye. still, he’s a cute pretty boy

    • Anonymous

      It’s a sad state of affairs when seeing a 5 year old boy without dyed hair is weird.

  • Anonymous

    He is wearing his school clothes – he goes to the Laurence School – Gavin must have picked him up after school.

    • Anonymous

      that’s a little tmi – what are you, a stalker?

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