Halle Berry’s Nahla Gives Mom A Leg Up

All seemed the same on Friday (January 6) when Halle Berry did her usual drop off of Nahla at her school in Los Angeles, Calif. However, one thing different is a cast on Halle’s right foot! Nahla was a helpful daughter and led her mom along the way.

The Monster Ball actress did manage on her own going down the stairs even though she was limping.

Looks like she won’t be working out any time soon.

According to Us Weekly, Halle has a regimen of working out four times a week with a trainer. Also diabetic, she eats energy bars and eats five times a day to keep her blood sugar and metabolism up.”

Halle says, “I always had to diet. It’s a lifestyle for me.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    She seems to be very accident-prone.

  • Anonymous

    eww the close up of her legs , she has sores all ove her leg..

  • Anonymous

    She had an accident in Spain which left with a cast on her leg. But that was months ago. And we saw her already without the cast. So wth now.

  • Anonymous

    What is that bag she is carrying? I want one!

  • Trina

    She’s having problems with her diabetes for goodness sake!!

  • Rachel2001

    How do you know she having problems with her diabetes?

    • Anonymous

      when you have diabetes and 45 years old.Your body takes twice as long to heal.She heard yet another crack in the bone last week so her foot is back in that boot.Get it now Einstein?

  • Anonymous

    old bones………………….

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