Gabriel Aubry’s Preschool Pickup

Sexy papa Gabriel Aubry was seen picking up his daughter Nahla from preschool in West Hollywood, Calif. on Friday (January 6). Earlier that same day, the beautiful 3-year-old was seen being dropped off at class by her mother Halle Berry.

In late December, we spotted the gorgeous father-daughter duo enjoying cuddles and play time at a Los Angeles park.

There’s an ongoing custody battle between Gabriel and Halle over Nahla. Last we heard, it was reported in October that a judge upheld a ruling stating that the majority of Gabriel’s time with his daughter must be supervised by a third party.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet/ Coast News

  • Arabella

    sweet nahla

  • Toya

    Gab is one sexy daddy!! And Nahla is a doll as always… Love Nahla with daddy. They take some of the most precious pictures.

  • Anonymous

    Gab and Olivier are both her daddies! 2 sexy men Get to play daddy! Nice to see
    That Gabby is allowed to be with her… Noticing how Halle still has her cast on her

    • Sue

      Gabriel is her dad! Halle’s boyfriend is not her dad, what an insensitive remark!!! I would never tell my son that a guy I’m dating is his dad, and even if you marry the person, he’s only a stepparent!!!

    • Anonymous

      You fool ! Nahla only has one daddy !!! That french puddle is only a matter of time until he fizzle like the rest of them and she once again blames him for everything. In the end no matter who she brings around, that little has one daddy, so keep those stupid comment to yourself. Pfffffffttt

      • Anoymous

        Wow. Angry much?

  • Sue

    Gabriel is her daddy. Halle’s boyfriend is not her dad!

  • Toya

    Yes, please DO NOT disrespect Gab like that!! Despite any issues that occur between Halle/Gab Nahla only has ONE mother/father and that will ALWAYS be Halle/Gab. Nothing wrong with the little angel being loved by many, but NO ONE can ever replace mommy/daddy!!

    • CrazyPoster

      Down boy! Nothing some anonymous post on the internet says will ever change this child’s parents.

  • Toya

    Umm can you read? “Gab and Olivier are both her daddies!” “2 sexy men Get to play daddy!”

  • Toya

    Just find it disrespectful to state someone else is her “daddy” and I’m not your dog!!

    • Anonymous

      So stop acting like one!

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