Jessica Simpson: Blossoming In Black

Jessica Simpson showed off her round belly in a strapless black sequined dress at the NBC Universal 2012 Winter TCA Press Tour All Star Party on Friday (January 6). The 31-year-old singer glowed while posing on the red carpet. She managed well in her high heels too!

Earlier in the day she was in a press conference in Pasadena to promote the show Fashion Star. While talking to television critics about her role as a celebrity mentor, Simpson confessed she hasn’t been wearing maternity clothes.

She said, “I haven’t really gone to maternity clothes because I don’t really love maternity stuff.”

She then added, “The next thing you will see from the Jessica Simpson Collection is maternity.”

When asked for her due date, she was coy.

We’re not saying the due date, but it’s in the spring so it’s coming.”

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  1. Bree

    She made a comment that she wanted to lose her baby weight as fast as Jessica Alba did…..good luck with that! It’s probably going to take her over a year to lose all that weight.

    • Janna

      What?!?!?! That isn’t even remotely close to what she said, but nice try. Her comment was that she wanted to “look like Jessica Alba after baby”, she said nothing about at time frame.

      Why would you spread misinformation like that? Never mind, I know why. So you could put her down and tell her she’s so fat it’ll take her a year to lose the baby weight. Does that make you feel better about yourself?

      • Jax

        Calm down, she didn’t use quotes did she??? That is what she means, she’s not saying she wants to look like Jessica Alba in 5 years, right? Alba looks great a few months after giving birth, and that’s what Jessica Simpson wants. But I agree, that probably isn’t going to happen. Alba didn’t gain a bunch of extra weight and that makes all the difference.
        So take a deep breath, take a bubble bath, and try not to flip out so easily.

      • Tanvi

        It’s pretty obvious that Jessica Simpson meant she wants to look that good a few months later. Why does this comment bother you so much? Are you still carrying your baby weight 10 years later?
        I guess it’s possible she could lose that much weight in a few months, but it’s not likely. She better take it easy on the food in the next couple months, she’s already so big all over. Good luck to her.

      • Anonymous

        Wow….someone never lost their baby weight!!

  2. SMH

    Yeah if she’s not due until March/April she’s HUGE already!! But she does look happy and stunning!

  3. Anonymous

    Celebrities lie about when they are due so the media leaves them alone. She could be due earlier than she has said. Never mind her belly, it’s not THAT big if you look at it but her breasts are HUGE! They are not that much smaller than the belly. She was never stick thin and she was not tiny when she got pregnant. She’s a naturally curvy person and not everyone only gains 30 lbs. Most women I know I have gained 45-50 lbs at least. Even doctors are now saying the 25-30lb weight gain is not realistic. I think she still looks great and good for her for still wearing stylish clothes and not ugly maternity crap.

    • anonymous

      Actually doctors are saying we should be carrying LESS weight. There’s absolutely no reason to gain 50lbs, that’s ridiculous. There was a study of women who gained no weight at all during pregnancy and they all had perfectly healthy, chubby babies- and didn’t need years to get back in shape. That seems a little extreme to me, but a 25lb weight gain is plenty to grow a baby. You getting fat thighs and muffin tops doesn’t help your baby at all, as much as some of us would like to think so. But whatever helps you feel better.

    • Anonymous

      I work in a building with 50-60 other women. Over the last 10 years, there have been at least 3 pregnant women each year. The only one of them to gain anywhere near 50 lbs had gestational diabetes.

      No one should be gaining 50 lbs. Sheesh.

  4. Rachel2001

    anonymous 2:22@ so true so many woman uses pregnancy as an excuse to eat what ever they want and gain tone of weight and after they have their baby are very unhappy about their bodies because they can’t take off the extra weight.

  5. Rachel2001

    anonymous 2:22@ so true so many woman uses pregnancy as an excuse to eat what ever they want and gain tone of weight and after they have their baby are very unhappy about their bodies because they can’t take off the extra weight.

  6. Anonymous

    P!nk gained a lot of weight and she’s looking pretty good already. The Biggest Loser contestants drop tons of weight (literally) in just a short period of time. She has the money to hire nannies, trainers and nutritionists and can afford to take time off from work. I’m not doubting her weight goal at all even if she was joking about it.

  7. Ellery

    Weight loss is simple when you think about it you have to consume less calories than you burn … But thats not always easy to do with high calorie fast food, high calorie pre-packaged food, and because some foods that taste really good like chocolate are really high calorie and not very nutritious… For women who want to loose weight a 1200 calorie per day diet is recommended. This requires reading food labels, planning ahead, and having the self control to tell yourself no when your coworkers/family are eating high calorie foods in front of you. Its definitely hard to do but Jessica has a good amount of money so she might be able to pay someone to prepare her meals and go grocery shopping for her. Best of luck to her and her soon to be born baby girl!! Can’t wait to hear her name!

    • Anonymous

      Do you really think she’s not smart enough to know that she needs to eat less in order to lose weight? Do you tell alcoholics that it’s simple to get sober, they just need to stop drinking? Many people eat for a variety of emotional & psychological reasons that have nothing to do with hunger, and with her constantly fluctuating weight over the years, it’s entirely possible that Jessica may be one of them.

  8. Anon

    She thinks she can just fart the weight away…such a classless act reproducing yet another loser to the simpson clan

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