Lisa Loeb: Shoppin’ With Little Lyla

Lisa Loeb took 2-year-old daughter Lyla shopping with a friend in West Hollywood, Calif. on Saturday (January 7). The ladies took turns carrying the adorable toddler while walking down the street.

The musician hasn’t aged a bit since her Stay (I Missed You) single became a hit in the 1994.

She’s married to Roey Hershkovitz, the music production supervisor for Conan O’Brien.

Loeb now records children’s music and even has her own Lisa Loeb Eyewear Collection.

She has talked about juggling motherhood with a career.

I’m lucky in that I have some great people in my life who help out, starting with my husband. And lots of the projects coming out now have had long timelines. The eyewear line, for instance, was something I started working on before I even got pregnant. And actually, having a baby has helped me focus a lot better. I say yes only to the really important things now. I love getting out and performing when I can, but I also love singing to my daughter at home. I do the ABCs. She’s a huge fan of that one.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Her daughter is cute but seems big for her age. She also looks like she might be expecting again??

  2. Anonymous

    She does look pregnant!!! look at the other pic..

  3. Anonymous has confirmed her pregnancy. Child is due in June.

  4. Anonymous has confirmed her pregnancy. Child is due in June.

  5. Anonymous has confirmed her pregnancy. Child is due in June.

  6. Anonymous

    I too thought she looked pregnant and sure enough she is, due on June

  7. Anonymous

    I was the first one to comment and I did speculate that she looked pregnant. Because to me she did look pregnant! I guess it does show you I know how to spot them!!

    I wasn’t saying she looked fat by the way and that all women who look like that look pregnant, if you took it the wrong way.

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