Ben Affleck & Violet: Color Me Cute

Doting dad Ben Affleck spent some one-on-one time with his oldest daughter Violet this weekend, taking a trip to the Color Me Mine pottery painting studio in Santa Monica, California (January 8). Mom Jennifer Garner, who is expecting baby #3 very soon, and little sister Seraphina, didn’t join them.

Looking sweet in her red-and-white checkered dress, 6-year-old Violet was literally air-bound as she skipped excitedly alongside her famous papa. As for Ben, the normally reserved star had a small smile for the cameras, too.

Once inside, Violet picked out a penguin to paint while her dad tackled a teacup and saucer. The pair worked side-by-side, stopping at one point for a quick cuddle and kiss. Looks like a great daddy-daughter day!

Ben isn’t the only famous father to enjoy pottery painting with the kids: We’ve seen Jordan Bratman, Matthew McConaughey and dad-of-four David Beckham at Color Me Mine, too!

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Photo credit: FameFlynet, Bauer Griffin

  • Nina D.

    Aww!!! Father/daughter time! So cute!!! <3

  • Desiree Fawn

    So sweet! Love this duo!

  • Anonymous

    Photo’s of them inside the store and people STILL think this family doesn’t have some sort of deal with the pap’s. This site could post pictures of Jen and Ben paying the pap’s off and people still wouldn’t believe it.

    I’ll tell you this their publicist is working overtime to make them look like the average family. Most people on this site sure believe it.

    • Janna

      For what purpose? If I believe they are an “average family” what do they gain?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, because I’m sure the pap didn’t see them go into the store and then photograph them through the window. Do you also believe in black helicopters and wear tinfoil hats?

    • AvaElizabeth

      Take a good look at the pics!
      The Pics are not made inside of the shop, they are made from outside through the window.

      I just can say:
      soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!
      about that pics 🙂

      Really love the Garner-Afflecks. Their really hands-on and you don’t see the kids often with a nannie, most time you see them with their parents and also with their grandparents.
      And they do normal things. Things that every family does.
      Go to grab coffee, meeting friends for breakfast, walking with the dogs, going to the playground, etc etc. Normal life for that kids! Or what should they do? Lock at home? Move away also would be hard for the kids, they would have need to change everything, school, friends, …

      And I can’t remember when I have seen them at a premiere with their kids or something like that. No big homestories with kids or something like that. can’t also remember that they sold pics from their newborns! Neither Vi nor Sera.

    • gini

      First you sound ridiculous and second I don’t believe what you’re saying but just for a second we will pretend it is true and they are calling the paps to take pics of them doing everyday normal things going to the doctor, grocery store, taking their kids to the park….who the heck cares?! They aren’t hurting anybody so quit complaining and commenting every time pictures are posted here.

    • Anonymous

      Let me think. . . . Which would I rather look at? This adorable family (paid or unpaid by the paparazzi) or your stupid comments? Hmmm…

      I’ll stick with the Garner-Afflecks, thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Oh please!! anon 3:06 do you believe in tooth fairies ?
    If they wanted the attention they would have sold their babies pics to the tabloids or take them to movie premieres or other big events . The afflecks are just trying to raise their kids normally.kudos to them for for being hands on parents and not the nannies like other stars

    • Anonymous

      They don’t want people to realize they like the attention! If they sold pics and stuff then people would know and they wouldn’t have people saying how “down to earth” they are. LOL!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    No they do not pay off the publicists to do this…people want to see. What they Re doing Katie Holmes gets close up pix of Suri having a fit in a toy store do
    You think she paid them YES! not Ben and Jen!
    No one pays the paps to photograph them… The photographers do it on their
    Own. do you see 10 paps snapping at Suri. Or Beyonce!

  • anon2

    Can’t believe there are people out there who think Jen actually calls the pap photographers, essentially inviting these creeps to follow, harass and financially benefit from her and her children. Does she open a yellow pages and search under P for paps (or “peds”, take your pick). Seriously, people get a clue.

    • Anon.

      I agree. Or S for stalker. They are just living their lives.

  • kate

    nobody is THIS followed. it’s not like they are some high profile celebs. hahahahahahaha. if they really didnt wanna be photographed they COULD. lots of other celebs manage to avoid them. its not rocket science, they just enjoy the attention.

    • Anon

      Oh please with your conspiracy theory’s! What the hell do they care if you think they are average, or normal, or down to earth LOL! They get MORE publicity if they are total nut jobs. Get a life!

  • Anonymous

    The charge wasn’t that they enjoy or don’t enjoy the attention. THe charge was that they pay off the paps to do what the paps would do anyway! Take pictures of celebs who people like you all above like to talk about! Now we have 12 comments maybe more coming!

  • Anonymous

    Violet is levitating in the first photo. That’s why they called the paps.

    • Sophia

      HAHA that made me giggle! Why didn’t every other commenter realise that to begin with??? 😉

  • Anonymousous1

    Happiest kid on the block. Good for them.

  • Anonymous

    Kids are always happy when they are simple.

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