Jay-Z Creates Emotional Song For Blue: “My Greatest Creation Was You”

It seems that two-day-old baby Blue Ivy Carter already has a career in music.

Rapper Jay-Z, 42 – who welcomed his new pink bundle on Saturday (January 7) with superstar wife Beyoncé, 30 – recorded his new daughter’s sweet cries on his latest track titled Glory feat. B.I.C. The song has recently been posted to the overjoyed father’s website Life + Times.

Within the track, the hip-hop mogul delivers some emotional rhymes.

The most amazing feeling I feel, words can’t describe what I’m feeling for real. Baby, I paint the sky blue, my greatest creation was you.”

Referencing his wife’s musical past, Jay-Z adds, “You’re the child of destiny. You’re the child of my destiny. You’re my child with the child from Destiny’s Child.”

The rapper even goes as far as to reveal that Blue was conceived in Paris and that the couple suffered the devastating emotional effects of a miscarriage at one point.

“Last time the miscarriage was tragic. We was afraid you’d disappear but nah baby you’re magic.”

It looks like baby Blue has good looks as well as musical talent.

Proud Auntie Solange Knowles, 25, took to Twitter on Sunday to announce her excitement over her newborn niece, stating that she’s “the most beautiful girl in the world.”

Can’t wait to see the first pictures of baby Blue!

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    How cute! Proud Papa Jay-Z. Many congrats to this couple.

  • Shanice

    Such a cute ode to his daughter, his first child.
    She’s gonna play this constantly when she’s old enough to understand

    • Anonymous

      I thought he already had a son. Seems like he doesn’t care for him though. Sad.

      • Anonymous

        He has denied this many times… listen to his song lyrics as well… “THE GOT DAMN BOY AIN’T MINE!!!”

  • Anonymous2

    Wasn’t Blue Iris a famous prostitute? Blue ivy is really too close from it for me to like it. Weird name.

  • Trina

    2nd child… I feel sorry for the son hes doesnt awknowledge bc he wasnt “planned” or bc his mother isnt a “superstar”… This man and his wife smh

    • Ryder

      Unless you’re in possession of a DNA test, where do you get off making these claims?

  • LaKesha

    Jay Z has never said that he has a son, and no mother has come forth to make such allegations. Why not just say congratulations to the new parents and move on without attempting to disparage someone’s character?

  • Anonymous

    Jay-Z: What about your son? Where’s a song about him?

  • Courtney

    no he’s not the boy ws never proven to be his through DNA nor is Jay the first father to write a song for one of is children Stevie Wonder did in the late 1970’s Isn’t She Lovely

    • ChiTownEggHead

      come again?

  • carolyn Robertson

    Aw, that’s so sweet

  • Anonymous

    Jay Z does not have a son. There has never been any lawsuit asking for a paternity test and that story was from Star magazine, a tabloid. Before you condemn the man, get your facts straight. I think his new song is super cute.

  • Anonymous

    Ughhh…I’m a fan of both Beyonce and Jay-Z’s music, but seeing there selfishness and entitlement with the birthing process (taking over the hospital, not allowing a father to see his premature twins) is disgusting. I won’t be giving any more of my money to this couple, the do no good with it.

    • Anonymous

      That’s one person’s story. You have no idea if it’s true.

      (Not that I think you should be supporting this couple anyway)

  • Anonymous

    Did anybody listen to the song? He says there was a miscarriage. Was it Beyonce or the surrogate, I wonder?

    • Elena

      How can someone be this mean? Don’t you have a little compassion in that jealous soul of yours? Beyonce had a miscarriage, for crying out loud. It was just as painful to her as it would be for you or for anyone else!

  • Cass

    If you care so much about the boy who claims to be Jay-Z’s son, why don’t you adopt him?

    I don’t care if this little girl who was born just few days ago is or isn’t Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter, the blood connection doesn’t matter once you raise the kid. If they become bad parents, we will only know when she becomes a teenager. One thing is certain, she will be a damn spoiled brat.

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