Naomi Watts & Her NYC Cuties

Actres Naomi Watts, 43, was spotted taking her two blonde-haired beauties Sasha, 4, and Kai, 3, for a stroll in the double-wide on Saturday (January 7) in New York City.

The trio – who were missing papa Liev Schreiber – were bundled up to face the brisk weather in warm jackets and beanies. Sweet Kai took a snooze with his blue puppy along the way.

Naomi and her sweet sons were also spotted the next day (January 8) kicking around Lower Manhattan and walking The Westside Highway. The King Kong actress was joined by her older brother Ben Watts and her interior designer mother Myfanwy Edwards.

Sasha’s feet barely touched the ground during the family outing. The beautiful little boy was seen in is mother’s arms, riding on his uncle’s shoulders and getting a piggyback ride from mom. It looks like fresh air seems to knock Kai out! The adorable tot caught a quick nap during the leisurely stroll.

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Photo credit: Splash News


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  1. Sarah Rose

    Those boys are beautiful. They both look like they’ve long outgrown that stroller though! lol x

  2. F.A.J

    The most adorable Celeb Siblings ever!!! So what the stroller is 2 big!!! There not your kids, not mine, so let it go!!! :^)

  3. Anon

    Unless you have lived in a City with young ones- you have no right to judge a parents use of a stroller! Get a grip! Do you want to carry a heavy 4 and 3 year old when they get tired after 6 blocks…Strollers are a life saver and screw you if you think a 4 or 5 year old is too big…geez!

  4. SMH

    Saying ‘screw you’ over a comment isn’t really worth it.
    The person didn’t seem to be saying it in a nasty way to me she was implying that Kai and Sasha have simply outgrown this stroller not that they should be walking instead!!! Some of ya’ll need to just read and move along bc some things are just not that deep increase your blood pressure for no reason!!!

  5. Sarah Rose

    It was a lighthearted comment! I know lugging around two kids is hard, I know it’s none of my business if she uses a stroller or not and I don’t care if she does. I was just making a passing observation. Obviously, that’s not something you should do on this site! x

  6. Anonyomus

    Kai ana sasa the most adroble kids in hollywood

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