Queen Latifah Talks Adoption: “Why Not?”

For Joyful Noise actress Queen Latifah, there is no question in her mind that she is ready to begin the process of expanding her family.

“I would like to [adopt.]” the 41-year-old singer reveals to Access Hollywood. “Why not? You know, why not?”

It seems that her Joyful Noise co-star Dolly Parton would agree.

“You know you should get kids,” she says.

And when it comes to parenting, Queen Latifah says she will be some drawing inspiration from her onscreen character Vi – a single no-nonsense mother of two teens – but also from her own mother.

I would be like Vi Rose in a lot of ways. My kids would be raised properly. They would be raised with values and morals and God, but I don’t think I would be like Vi Rose in the other ways. I would probably allow them to be themselves a little more and explore their gifts and their talents. I’d try to be more like my mom.”

The Just Wright actress states that she has known that she has wanted to adopt at an early age.

“I’m definitely going to adopt – or have – a child,” she says. “I’ve wanted to adopt since I was 17 or 18-years-old.

“I think the most important thing I’ve learned is to not stop living,” she continues.

Referencing her brothers death in 1992, the actress adds, “I know for a fact that my brother would not want me to stay right there, stuck in that misery. If the person who you lost loved you like you loved them? There’s no way they would not want you to live your life to the maximum, to appreciate it, to go for your dreams, go for your goals.”

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  • jerseycat

    so will she adopte a white child I bet not

    • Anonymous

      Ahh, another celebrity who wants to buy herself a baby that is NOT hers. Got money? By damn anything will be yours, including the flesh and blood of another woman. Sick people.

      • Siera

        I hope you’re being sarcastic. If not, you are truly ignorant.

  • Anonymous

    Ahh, another celebrity who wants to buy herself a baby that is NOT hers. Got money? By damn anything will be yours, including the flesh and blood of another woman. Sick people.

  • Anonymous

    I really hope your not services but If not then your are not only a sick person but ignorant person as well.

  • Skim

    You wanted to adopt since a teenager? There are many things I thought I wanted to do since a teenager but once I reached my 40’s (even 30’s!) had either done them or realized how ignorant I was to ever want to do them.
    I thought adoption was a grand idea too, when I was about 16 living in a horribly dysfunctional poor family…thinking I’d grow up save the world one child at a time. The universe (or God) gave me a very hard lesson by taking my infant daughter into adoption hell because I was 19, poor, under-educated and seeking help to get away from my horribly unhealthy family environment…trying to save my child. I was turned away time and time again…even from social services…they couldn’t help me with more than food stamps and a run down rat & roach infested apartment and if I got a job at a restaurant earning minimum wage (at best) because that is all my small town HS diploma (that amounted to an 8th grade education) prepared me for, my “benefits” would be cut out…OUT. So that now I’m paying more in childcare than I am earning. And all while struggling with no support and all the trauma I’d suffered in my family and was still suffering because no one would do anything even when I was being attacked, robbed, bullied, harassed by my “kin” who I considered crazy people. I wanted more for my child. I was desperately trying to protect my child. I didn’t intend to have a child (was on the pill when I got pregnant & homeless/trying to figure how to get to college on a partial scholarship I’d earned while living on my own pretty much since age 15) but I chose to have her because I wanted her, fell in love with her, bonded strongly with her and lived on hope and a naïve belief I could get help. Nope…nada…none. Nothing! I wanted a healthy and safe home for my daughter. I wanted at least some job training and counseling…proper (free) daycare till I could get on my feet. I wasn’t looking to be on welfare the rest of my life…just some HELP TO GET TO A BETTER PLACE for me and my child and stop the cycle of heartache & violence…of pain and suffering. All I needed was some help, support, guidance, counseling, training…all I needed was a chance to stop.the.cycle. (When will our government get a clue?)
    What did I get? Everyone telling me adoption was the only way. I even fought that, but in the end, at the end of my rope & in desperation, I wound up in the clutches of so called friends who pretended to want to help only to sucker me into signing papers that turned out to sever ALL my rights to ever communicating with my child again and she was…adopted. All because I hoped for & trusted them to help.
    This is usually the way of infant adoptions since the baby scoop era (before roe v wade). So, if you are looking to adopt an infant domestically…this is likely what you are doing. If you are looking to adopt a child from overseas you’ll most likely be taking a child from a poor family who never wanted to part with their child and even if the child is a true orphan (that is with NO blood family around) you are tearing that child away from everything he/she knows, their roots, their history…that is a trauma to both mother and child that no one ever talks about. We all should know where we come from, know our families, our roots, our ancestry, our culture…who we are. Children should be with their true mothers and if that is not possible, at least with blood related family. Children are NOT interchangeable and those struggling only need help…not their children ripped from their loving arms.
    All this adoption mania in Hollywood gives me nightmares, literally. I have nightmares about this insanity. Too many are obsessed with Hollywood and what Hollywood people do and not enough people in this country seem to ever give thought to anything on a deeper level. (Frankly, I think we have become a nation of superficial imbeciles) Use your head…and your heart. Really think about what you are saying and how incredibly crass, selfish and ignorant you sound!
    You want to “get” a child? Why didn’t you get pregnant like most do? Maybe you are infertile, maybe you didn’t yet meet the right man, maybe you were too caught up in your career until it was too late or maybe you just think it is the “in” thing to do. None of these are good reasons! NONE.
    These are human beings you’re talking about and just because someone might be poor, under-educated, without support, etc…does not in any way mean they will somehow miraculously be grateful that you took their child from them and it does not in any way make that child YOUR child or that child should be grateful to you for severing his/her true life connections. How would you feel if your struggling mother lost you to some Hollywood star…leaving her in a state of life-long grief/trauma while you bobbled about in an ocean of the unknown…lost and feeling so alone? You aren’t doing anyone any favors by adopting unless you adopt from foster care a child who TRULY is an orphan (no family to take them in and social services has done EVERYTHING to try to rectify the situation) AND you don’t change the child’s name or try to fake the birth certificate. If you can take in a true orphan without changing that child’s identity, then great, do it. Then and only then are you doing a good thing.
    Otherwise, you are doing it for selfishness and/or ignorant fad purposes. Again, we are all human beings. Consider this before you start spouting off thoughtlessly how great it would be to “get” a child.
    The adoption industry is a multi-million dollar industry with little to no regulation that amounts to baby-selling. You want to do something worthwhile, use your brain to research & learn the facts then use your celebrity and widely heard voice to help in the effort to make social changes. Otherwise, you’re just another selfish, superficial fool…which, unfortunately, will probably do YOU greater good.

    demeters lament dot blogspot dot com

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