Viola Davis: Louis Bardo Bullock Is “The One” For My Daughter

Who’s going to be Hollywood’s hottest couple in the year 2042? If Viola Davis has her way, it’ll be her daughter, Genesis, and the 1-year-old son of her Oscar-winning pal Sandra Bullock, Louis.

The Help actress, who co-stars with Sandra in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, tells Us, “Louis would be the one,” if she had to choose a beau for her newly adopted daughter.

But it’s not just because of Louis’ good looks and charming personality (Bullock herself admits that he’s quite the flirt), but Davis also likes that he’s being raised by such a wonderful woman.

“Sandra is the most loving, fun mother,” Viola gushed at Sunday’s (January 8) Golden Globe party. “Just fantastic!”

New to the parenting scene after adopting daughter Genesis with her husband, Julius Tennon, last October, Davis, 46, is enjoying “all the little surprises of seeing a personality and life form.”

“Every day it’s something new. It’s wonderful,” she tells Us. “And I love the fact that she just loves me! I just love the love!”

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“it’s not just because of Louis’ good looks and charming personality”…it’s because he’s black, let’s just be honest.


Ohhhhh. So baby Louis is the only black baby the Viola Davis knows??? Uh, okay. That’s plausible.


So…she shouldn’t want her daughter to marry someone who is black?


Hey Anonymous above, how about you forget this ‘black’ business and get yourself some mental help. That way, you can avoid projecting your racial complexes and problems onto total strangers when twisting their words.


Hahaha I concur!! What does the fact that he’s black have to do with anything? And how do we know Viola’s little one is even black??? If his ethnicity were what really mattered to her, I would imagine that she would then be the kind of shallow person (or plain old racist) who wouldn’t like the fact that a white women adopted a black child, and furthermore, wouldn’t want her child associating with Sandy or Louis. I’m imagining that’s the kind of person Anonymous #1 is.


I agree with you.