Blanket Jackson: Barnes & Noble Browser

Blanket Jackson – born Prince Michael Jackson II and youngest son of the King of Pop Michael Jackson – was spotted doing a bit of book shopping at a local Barnes and Noble outlet in Calabasas, Calif. this morning (January 12).

The almost 10-year-old boy – who is brother to Prince, 14, and Paris, 13 – appeared to be in good spirits as he exited the famous bookstore with his nanny and bodyguard. Blanket’s hair sure seems to be getting longer!

It seems as though his sister Paris has her sights set on a career in acting and is drawing inspiration from her iconic father.

“When I was really little my Dad was in the movie Moonwalker, and I knew he could sing really well, but I didn’t know he could act. I saw that and I said, ‘Wow, I want to be just like him,'” she says.

She continues to reveal that she and her father used to “improv together,” saying, “He would go ‘OK, in this scene, you’re going to cry.’ And I’d cry on the spot!”

The identity of Blanket’s mother has never been revealed.

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Cassie

    He’s getting so big!

    Michael spat this kid out!

  • my opinion, not yours

    out of curiousity- has his (her? just kidding) hair been cut since he’s been born? it looks ridiculous

    • my opinion, not yours

      out of curiosity- why would you care what his hair looks like? and why would you think anyone cares what you think?

    • Ashley

      Wow, in this day and age, when bullying is at an all time high, you, who I hope are not an adult and just a punk kid, because if you were an adult, you have a lot of growing up to do, sit here and suggest that a little boy with long hair looks like a little girl. He looks NOTHING like a little girl. He dresses in boy’s clothes, he wears his hair long. Who cares? He wears it as a tribute to his father, but you seem immature, so you probably can’t process the meaning of such sentimental things.

  • Noe

    Awww!!! He is so cute!! Little MJ

  • Elizabeth

    He looks Native American.

    • Anon

      Maybe because the Jackson family has Native American’s roots??????

      • Ashley

        Both Katherine and Joe’s side have Native American and Caucasian roots. I believe both of Joe’s parents were considered mulatto.

  • Anonymous

    @ my opinion, not yours: It’s been said by his grandmother & other family members that Blanket keeps his hair long because his father (MJ) liked it long. Keeping his hair long is his memory to his father. I think it’s sweet.

  • Anonymous

    my opinion, not yours

    he keeps it that way because he said his father liked it that way

  • Anonymous

    If her sister really wanted to be “inspired” by her father she would have respected his wish to make her (such as her brothers) to have a normal childhood and wouldn’t use her the Michael Jackson name only when she needs.

    • Anonymous

      Please crawl back in your hole and stop criticizing a CHILD who is inspired by her father.

    • Ashley

      If you knew anything about Michael, you’d know that he didn’t say he wanted his kids to not pursue showbusiness. After Prince’s birth, he said that if his kids decided to pursue it, he would lay it all out for them, tell them the things to look out for, etc. He wanted his kids’ privacy protected and their identities protected so they could live as normal lives as possible and go out without being recognized. Paris herself said that she and her dad used to do improv, and they spoke on GMA about how Michael had someone from UCLA come out and teach the kids about filmmaking, etc. Michael knew Prince and Paris were interested in directing/acting, and I think he was preparing them for it.

  • courtney

    mini MJ 🙂 love his hair too

  • gela

    this kid seems to have so much character. so brave of him to wear his hair that long at 9

  • Ashley

    Such a handsome young man! I think it’s sweet that he wants to keep his hair long in tribute to his dad. I’m sure he’ll cut it someday. I think he looks adorable that way! He’s such a cutie pie!

  • Clare

    I love his hair. I suits him.

  • Seven

    it makes me sick seeing people saying these kids look just like mj just because he died. yes mj is on their birth certificate, and yes he raised them as his own but bioligically they are not his. it’s only a big deal in the public because instead of him saying it’s not his sperm he lied and said it was. i love mj with everything and i have nothing but respect for his children but as a mixed child myself, i know that you are suppose to have half of BOTH OF YOUR PARENTS’ GENES. Prince looks like a chubby white kid, paris a normal brown headed white girl, and blanket a mexican. guys stop acting so ridiculous and look

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