Blue Ivy Carter Breaks Billboard Record

She’s not even a week old yet and already Blue Ivy Carter is following in her parents’ footsteps, making musical history.

Credited as a collaborator on dad, Jay-Z‘s latest song, “Glory,” baby Blue is now officially the youngest person to ever grace the Billboard charts, according to the magazine.

In the song, which the rapper posted on his website and features the newborn’s cries, he rhymes about his “greatest creation,” revealing that Blue was conceived in Paris, and that he and wife, Beyoncé Knowles previously suffered a miscarriage:

Last time the miscarriage was tragic. We was afraid you’d disappear but nah baby you’re magic.”

The magazine likens “Glory” to Stevie Wonder‘s “Isn’t She Lovely,” which the R&B legend wrote about his newborn daughter, Aisha, in February of 1975. Unlike “Glory,” however, Wonder’s song didn’t include his daughter in the credits, and it didn’t hit the Billboard charts until almost two years later.

Billboard also notes that “Glory” is Jay’s 107th song to make it onto their charts…mirroring Blue’s birth date of January 7 (1-07).

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  • Anonymous

    given that he already has other children, I think this is inappropriate

    • Elena

      Give it up already! Or did you actually give birth to the “son”? In that case, all apologies.

    • Amethyst

      an soo if he has other kids did you have his other kidss if you did im sorry but he really loves that baby bout you cnt judge him for writing a song about her give it up!

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  • Anonymous

    Hack again?!

  • Anonymous

    This cannot be the first song with the sound of a baby to be on the billboard charts. Hype, hype hype…

  • Anonymous

    Argh… so sick of this family already. From the way they announced the pregnancy, everything they do just seems to be a big publicity stunt.

  • Anonymous

    I heard on my local news (NY) how Jay-Z and his body guards were responsible for keeping other parents from seeing or accessing their own children that happened to be born at the same hospital at the same time. They STOPPED parents from entering that wing/area. Seriously ? Also that the rented a huge area for privacy reasons alone (that part might be rumor ). Do they think she’s the only woman to ever give birth before ?

    • Anonymous

      Think about this. If that were you, and some celebrity’s goons were preventing you from seeing your baby, what would you do? You raise holy hell, and maybe even dial 911. Did that happen here? No.

      • Anonymous

        look it up. It truly did happen, and security was called. I heard it on more than one news report.
        Look up for one. Look up Daily News (NY paper)
        I tried to post the link. It did happen. And it’s been on the news. I wouldnt just say that

  • Anonymous

    He does not have other children. And he has no other daughter. Why is it inappropriate for him to celebrate his little girl’s birth with a song for her? It’s irritating that some of you keep trying to squash his joy over his daughter. And even if he does have other children (a tabloid rumor that he has a son somewhere), they are obviously not part of his life and he shares no emotional bond with them. Sorry but there’s a big difference between your bond with a child with someone you love VS someone you barely knew/one night stand. Get over it.

    • Anonymous

      and you think it’s fair to his son that Jay-Z doesn’t care for him? it’s not his son’s fault that Jay-Z didn’t love his mother

  • Anonymous

    “We was” really Jay Z you couldn’t say “We were”? Ignorant!

  • Anonymous

    Jay Z dose have a son is 9 who mother is some video girl named shenelle scott who was in his big pimping video the boy lives in trinidad their are even picture of the boy and his mother it been known for years about that he has a son.

    From what known J does pay child support and he and B go to trinidad a couple times a year.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous 9:10pm@ there’s is NO difference between the two your child is your child no matter how they came to be so if he dose’t have a emotional bond with his son then that on him not wanting to develop one by not being in that child’s life.

    There are lots of man out there who have kids from one night stands or from people they don’t love and still love thier child no matter what. Look at little bow wow who’s child is a product of a one night stand and he and the mother do not get along but that’s a man who love his child from the pictures he post to the way he talks about her prior love coming from him.

  • Anonymous

    Alas, life is not fair. This happened with Joseph (of the multi colored coat) he was his father’s favorite because Rachael, his mom was loved and favored by Josephs father. You can’t force love. If JZ does have a son he will be fine. Hopefully he will grow up and love his children whether he loves their mother’s or not 🙂

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