Dierks Bentley: I Love Being At Home With My Kids

Dierks Bentley says he originally wrote the song ‘Am I the Only One’ – that is rapidly rising up the country music charts – to poke fun at friends who didn’t want to party with him on a Friday night. But the father of two admits that he’s actually a homebody who sometimes prefers spending time with wife Cassidy and daughters Evie, 3, and Jordan, 1.

“I love being at home,” Dierks says. “I love getting on the couch, getting a beer, playing with the girls, rough-housing.”

The crooner says that while he still likes a night out with his buddies, he looks forward to coming home to his family. “That being said, I often do go out because there’s so much great music and people playing around town,” he acknowledges. “Once I motivate to get out, I’m having a great time, often too good a time, and I’m paying for it the next day.

“I see so many people on the road and we have so much fun out there, that when I come home, I just love, love, love being on the couch and hanging with the girls.”

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