Jennifer Hudson’s Advice To Beyoncé: “Girl, Get Your Sleep!”

As a new mom to daughter Blue Ivy, Beyoncé is getting a lot of advice from other mothers who’ve been there and done it themselves; including her Dreamgirls co-star, Jennifer Hudson, who offered these words of wisdom to Knowles:

“Girl, get your sleep!” the Oscar-winning actress said during a press event for Good Housekeeping in New York City on Tuesday (January 10).

“We talked about this when I had my munchkin. It goes so fast. She’s going to look up and [Blue]’s going to be six months,” Jennifer explained. “Next thing you know, she’s going to be walking.”

Hudson, who welcomed son David Otunga, Jr. in 2009, also suggested that Knowles remember to take some time out of her busy schedule for herself.

“Embrace it,” said Jennifer. “Especially because of the lives we live, a lot of times other people have to care for themselves and you have to have that mommy time.”

Fitting advice for any new mama!

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  • Anonymous

    For the life of me, I can’t figure out why her stylists put her in these beautiful super-flattering clothes that look amazing on her. . . . except for the bust. This is the 3rd dress that I can think of in recent memory that was super-flattering everyone but the bust.

    • Pippa

      I agree. She needs a lift. Thats what’s wrong. After having a baby and losing all of that weight, the rest is excess skin.

    • CookiesMilk&Makeup

      I think because of her weight loss and the baby her boobs are not as big as before and she has not had surgery on them to “perk” them up. So they look thin and sag and do not fillout the bust area as well. But I agree she looks amazing. I can’t wait to see her as a bride!

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