Lily Allen Tweets About Breastfeeding Blunder

It appears as though new mom Lily Allen is experiencing some of the “joy” of nursing.

The English songstress – who welcomed a daughter with husband Sam Cooper on November 25th – recently tweeted about her leaking breasts to her 3.2 million Twitter fans, stating, “And I left the house without breast pads and started leaking all over myself at the #Wolsley .oh and I wiped out in the street earlier #glam.”

When a fan tweeted back about her post being “really disgusting,” the new mom was quick to fire back her thoughts.

“@CharleyGardiner what do you mean it’s BEAUTIFUL !!!!! Boobs are not just #sexyfunbags , they be feeding implements too.”

Her baby girl – who is reportedly named Ethel Mary – was the first child for the couple. At one time, they tragically lost a baby when Lily was 6-months pregnant.

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  • Rosy

    I love Lily…love her response to that immature little girl as well, #sexyfunbags, haha…

  • kate

    ummmm….gross no one wants to hear about her leaking breasts

    • Anonymous

      Actually, I bet lots of people do. Some people don’t consider it gross, they consider it a funny thing that happens to lots of nursing moms.

  • Laine

    Wow Kate, guess what will happen if you ever have a baby, whether you nurse or not?? It’s not a big deal, more people need to get back to reality and out of the world Hollywood wants people to live in… BOOBS ARE FOR MAKING MILK!! They leak! Dur…

  • Eleanor

    Thank you Lily for normalising something, er, normal! Thankfully I have not had the same experience in public but then even if I did I wouldn’t have the paparazzi photographing me pouring with milk!

  • Anonymous

    Go Lily, by the time you’ve been through childbirth there will be way more than leaky boobs to gross out on, let’s hear more celebrity mums tweeting about leaky bits!

  • Anonymous

    Far less messy than dropping a pint of milk, & no-one would make a fuss about that! It’s all natural! 🙂

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