Angelina Jolie: “I Hope I’m A Role Model For My Children, Especially My Daughters”

When Angelina Jolie talks, we listen! And that’s exactly what we – her fans – did in yesterday’s online conference when the Academy Award-winning actress answered questions about her upcoming film, In the Land of Blood and Honey. In her writing and directorial debut, Angelina tells the love story of a couple amidst the Bosnian War in the ‘90s.

The mom-of-six – Maddox, 10, Pax, 8, Zahara, 7, Shiloh, 5 and 3-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox – admitted that at the time of the war, she was a “punk” and knew “very little” about the ethnic conflict.

“I knew very little, like most Americans,” she said. “I was 17 so I wasn’t very focused. I was my own form of self-destructive, and it was a bad time.”

When asked about being a role model, the actress said,

I was such a punk for so long, you can’t imagine you’d be anybody’s role model,” said said. “I’m very grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to do some things that have allowed me to be a role model. I hope I’m [a role model] for my children, and especially for my daughters.”

Another fan asked about the lessons she hopes to pass onto her six children.

“Compassion and respect,” she said. “I want my children to be aware of the world around them and have respect for all people around the world. From the nature of the make-up of my family, they learn a lot about each other. They don’t see this divide, which is dangerous.”

And when her eldest son Maddox surprised Angie with a question about her favorite scene in the movie, the proud mama said, “Awwww, hi honey,” and continued to discuss when two sisters are reunited in the film.

She went on to tell fans of her partner, Brad Pitt‘s, support as she questioned her directorial debut.

I had a complete emotional breakdown in the shower and Brad found me crying,” she said. “I felt this huge responsibility and I felt very small and, who am I to take this on? I had a complete meltdown.”

The actress went on to say she has “trouble” calling herself a director.

“I just wanted to tell this story and I ended up by default being the director,” she said. “It was a pleasure but I wonder if it would be a pleasure with another cast and crew, and a subject matter that wasn’t so special. I didn’t plan to become a director, and I still have trouble saying I’m a director.”

The serious nature of the film had one fan asking about Angelina’s hopes for humanity.

When you’re young you feel like you can change the world and ask humanity to be kind to each other,” she said. “You can say ‘never again’ and believe it. And then you see too much and you learn too much and you really start to worry. And I honestly am very worried about the state of the economy, about how people are with each other. About what people are focusing on. It’s that simple understanding that it could be you next time. It could be your own children.” She added, “It sounds so simple and so cliche but we all really have to look after each other. Life is so short. Where there is violence and ugliness and pain, it is so unforgiving.”

The mom-of-six encouraged all of us to do “small acts of kindness and thoughtfulness” to our fellow (wo)man.

Angelina and Brad are expected this weekend at the Golden Globe Awards where In the Land of Blood and Honey is nominated for an award.

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  • Anonymous

    Cosign, can’t argue with those sentiments

  • Boop

    Lol sure.. guessing she’s referencing her humanitarian work but let’s hope she’s not hoping her girls look at her days of making out with her brother, wearing BBT’s blood on her neck and being the supposed other woman as role model material.

    • Anonymous

      WTF? Did Angelina Jolie really make out with her brother??? That’s so not normal, she’s like a incest person too. Hopefully her children don’t marry their own siblings and technically they can i believe because they aren’t blood related. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has like a freak show in training poor poor kids.

      • Anonymous

        Get over yourself. It was just a kiss.

    • Anonymous

      Yes she can become a role model because she didn’t let her troubled wild past dictate who she is today, than to let people and her kids know that you can always change you life around and become a better person.

      Nicole Richie, Robert Downey jr. and Johnny Depp and many more have all turned their life around From a trouble wild past and have become better people for it. 

      So before you judge someone on their past maybe you should look at yourselves and your past mastic some are bigger than other but 
      If you can become a better person for it and do better thing in your life than the past should say in the past.

      Before you people go running your mouth maybe you shove watch the whole interview.

      • Anonymous

        UHM nope i’ve got nothing in my past that is bigger than making out with my own brother i’m not an incest person and i’ve never in my life had an affair with someone in a relationship. Has angelina or brad ever apologized or accepted what they did was wrong? or not? Exactly they’re still the same uncaring people who are hypocrites and have no respect for others.

        • Janna

          You have no idea if Angelina or Brad apologized or accepted anything. Do you think everything they do is for public knowledge.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t Angelina Jolie a home wrecker? She’s such a hypocrite she says she wants to teach her kids respect for people all around the world but she can’t even respect her own gender and has no respect for peoples relationships. It takes two to tango but you still did your fair share of disrespect Angelina. How about saying no and not getting in a relationship with a guy who is already married to another woman!

    • Abby

      How do you know she got into a relationship with him when he was still married?? It seems to me that they waited until he was divorced. I could be wrong, but you don’t know when their relationship really began.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s good that she wants to be a role model to her children and others and wants to make the world a better place. But when she says she’s concerned about the economy, it just seems like a joke. I mean, she lives in gigantic homes all over the world, flies all over the world every five seconds, and her kids wear designer clothes and run around with iPads.
    Hardly reflective of the average American, and what they can afford to do. I’d want to travel the world and make a difference, but I can’t even afford to run a car! x

    • Janna

      So at exactly what income level do people have to stop caring about the economy? If I make $50,000 a year, can I be concerned? What if I make $150,000? If my income tops $500,000 this year, can I still care? And do I have to buy clothes from Target to show my concern?

  • Boop

    years ago when she brought her bro to an awards show they full on kissed on the lips.. i forget the exact moment but i think it may have been when she won for “gia” and kissed him before going up to accept

    • Janna


  • Anonymous

    she’d try to eat something eventually. that’s a good example for her daughters

    • Anonymous

      Accepting your body as it is is a good example. Any mother thin or fat who is obssesed with their body is not a good role model IMO.

  • lizzy

    Didn’t jennifer aniston homewreck some poor non celebrity woman? After 6 years of whining about poor her…what a hypocrite

    • Lissa

      Thank you!!! God for years it’s always poor Jen!! Get over it. No one is perfect and it takes two to tango. Angelina is a wonderful humanitarian. She does so much good in the world and sets a wonderful example yet all anyone wants to focus on is her “homewrecker” status. Get over yourselves!! I bet if we dug around in your past a little there would be a few skeletons.

  • SMH

    Wait a second…..How come Angie’s the homewrecker and not Brad? Does he not have any responsibility in this? It’s quite funny that when a man cheats on his wife she is the first to get mad at the other women but forgives her man! Some how men always get off in this situation.

    I do not criticize them for what happened. When your feelings for someone else are so strong you can’t deny them. We have no idea if there was really any infidelity going on. But this is all very much in the past. They are happy. They have 6 beautiful kids. Jen has moved on. Why can’t you people?!
    With all that being said, I think Angie is a GREAT role model for her kids. And I think more celebs should take lessons in thinking about others before themselves. Brad and Angie together donate millions of dollars each year to various charities.
    She’s grown and is not the same person. If we can applaud people like Britney and Robert Downey Jr for getting their crap together why do we keep condeming Angelina? Bottom line is. People cheat. Yes it’s wrong. But if it isn’t effecting your personal life then get over it!

  • Anonymous

    Home wrecker, incest problems, anorexic, cutter, hypocrite who pollutes the environment with her and Brads huge pollutant houses. Yup sounds like a typical Hollywood role models.

    Angelina was a home wrecker twice! First with her first husband or boyfriend or whoever who made her famous she ruined his marriage and then again with Jennifer Aniston damnn. Brad pitt can teach his sons to leave their wife for someone else and Angelina can teach her daughters to go out with already taken men. What wonderful parents and role models eh?

    • Anonymous

      I suggest you do some research in other than tabloids so that you know the truth. Angelina has NEVER been a homewrecker. Her first husband was Johnny L Miller. Her 2nd husband was Billy Bob Thornton, who was unmarried when they met, who had broken up with his girl friend, Laura Dern when he married Angelina, Laura Dern who had broken up BBT’s 4th marriage to Petra and lied about BBT still being with her. Laura Dern actually broke up her now almost divorced husband Ben Harper’s marriage when his then wife was pregnant, got pregnant herself and had a baby a few months after his then still wife. Angelina has never had any incest problem or been anorexic and has been open about her cutting which many people have done. Angelina and her family primarily reside in a modest home by celeb standards in Los Feliz/LA CA.

      You have some real problems with the truth. Real facts are easy to find.

      • Anonymous

        Uh real facts are easy to find and the truth is Angelina Jolies second husband was ENGAGED when he met Angelina jolie and brad pitt was married when he started a relationship with Angelina, i guess Angelina just can’t keep her hands off the people who are in relationships. Look it up! Angelina never had an incest problem? LOL yeah okayy whatever you say you think making out with your own brother isn’t incest?I don’t even want to know what they do alone with each other. You sound like you makeout with your sister the way you defend that action as “normal” and not incest- like.

  • Anonymous2012

    Anonymous 5:27p@

    No one made her famouse so you got that part wrong. 

    So miss perfict I hope you don’t think your any type of role modle for your kids it you have any. Because judging people who you don’t know and never meet and go from what you read in tabloids is a great thing to teach you kids if you have them.

    There was never any incest going on both her and her brother have talk about it  in interviews. some family’s show affection that way if that’s incest you should look up an actress name lisa raye and see how she shows affection to her daughter; i guess Heidi Klum and  European’s are into incest also going nude front of their kids. You know Angeline personally to know that she anorexic? and so what if more than 20 years ago she was a cutter what dose that have to do with the person she is today.

    FYI All 3 of there homes are Eco friendly Brad has talk about that in the past do you got that part wrong also Or do you go by the tabloids that they have a house in every country? Lol

    • Anonymous

      I don’t believe tabloid i do however believe my own eyes which i say her and her brother making out wtf can you say incest! Being siblings is different then a parent showing affection to their children, you know because the mother is the one that pushed you out her vagina and you sucked her breasts while breastfeeding so that’s why it’s not incest when you have affection with mother and children but anyone else in the family is CREEPY INCEST YOU WEIRDO. And by eco friendly you mean 6 huge mansions make up about hmm a way bigger foot print then like any regular person will ever make with a huge family even! They have no need for a mansion, big houses are one of the worst environmental pollutant causes and they have them because they’re guess what hypocrites.

      • Anonymous

        What if I have a c-section and don’t breastfeed? Am I still allowed to be affectionate with my kids?

      • Anonymous

        Is it incest when Kirk Douglass kisses Michael Douglass he didn’t breastfeed or give birth. A kiss sdoes not equal incest . I’m an incest survivor and there was no kissing public or private. AJ is a role model of someone who survived a self destructive period and became a humanitarian. Brad, Angie and Jen say there was no affair but you people no better. GMAFB. Congrats AJ for being the the highest paid, most powerful actress in the world and being on the most admired list again.

  • Anonymous

    LOL why are all the home wreckers coming onto this page to defend home wrecking and making out with your brother. I get such creepy vibes from the defenders i don’t want to know what you do with your own siblings and how you treat the guys at your work who are married and or in relationships. You defenders sound like real good moral wonderful people, not! But whatever it’s your life.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, it’s none of your business what anyone does with their siblings. You’re obviously really disturbed by this woman and her brother’s affection, so what the hell are you doing in this article?

      [And for the record: she never “made out” with her brother. They kissed. Watch the video of it before you shoot your mouth off.]

  • nicoleC

    Be a role model to her daughters to teach them how to steal other womens man!???

    • Anonymous

      How do you steal a man @gunpoint? Is that how your man was stolen, dear?

      • nicoleC

        Haha I NEVER date anyone,cause i’m just 18
        And obviously,she steal Jen’s men,right???
        If she really love Brad,she should wait he and Jen split up first !~!!!!!!!

  • anonymous

    I can’t believe some of you are judging Angelina for some of the things that she did in the past that she has clearly admitted to and obviously learned from. She flat out states “I was a punk for so long”. Everyone makes mistakes. Hopefully you can learn from them and move on. She is obviously not a punk anymore. She is a loving, generous, and charitable person who genuinely cares about what’s going on around her.

    My past is worse than Angelina’s. I was kicked out of school in 8th grade for assaulting 2 boys, spent time in jail at 14 & at 15, was removed from my parent’s home that same year, spent 3 years in a group home, quit high school, and spent most of my time with drunks and potheads.

    Around 21 I realized the error of my ways and decided to turn my life around. I left that entire part of my life behind me, left all of my friends, moved to a new city for college, began working with a therapist, and eventually removed all of that poison from my life. Its been almost 9 years and I am proud to say that I now have a M.F.A., a full time job, & healthy relationships with wonderful friends.

    Others may disagree but I would consider myself a wonderful role model. In a way, even more so than someone whose past has been all sunshine and daisies. Yes I may have done some less than stellar things, but I also took steps to turn my life around and better myself and I made myself a success story.

    I say the same for Angelina & give her kudos for doing such a great job turning her life around.

    • Janna

      Some people just can’t give anyone a break. For some people it wouldn’t matter if you came from being a homeless, drug-addicted theft to the president of NBC. You’d still be trash.

      I believe that everyone can learn from their mistakes. You seem like a shining example of that and kudos to you for turning your life around!

    • Anonymous

      Your past is NOT worse than Angelinas i would say incest is way worse then anything.

  • Anonymous

    Jen is that you?

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